How Are Businesses Using Social Media?

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Social media has transformed how people communicate with each other. With over one billion users on Facebook, it is easy to see how ubiquitous social media has become. Using it successfully as a business, however, requires some careful planning.

One of the most effective ways to use social media as a business is to run promotional offers. Users will often share these offers with their friends, and businesses do not have to pay to advertise these deals. Especially good offers can spread throughout the networks.

Businesses can also offer discounts to those who like their pages. In doing so, it is possible to gain a large number of followers quickly. This generally works better for large businesses, but some smaller companies have used this strategy successfully. Another common technique is to donate to a particular charity once the business has received a certain number of likes. Done correctly, these techniques can spread a company's name across the most popular social media platforms.

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