Apple's Many Stolen Ideas

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Apple's claim to fame is all the one-of-a-kind products that the company has created. Unfortunately, a lot of that simply isn't true. Steve Jobs was quoted as saying "Great artists copy. Great artists steals." in 1996 and it appears that this quote is perfect at describing his company.

For example, the iPhone was thought to be the first phone with touch screen technology when it was released. In reality, touch screen was invented in 1965 by FingerWorks and then bought out by Apple. The Samsung F700 was also released around the same time as the iPhone, and while the iPhone wasn't an exact copy, the two shared suspiciously similar designs.

Apple's iPad is also said to be a stolen idea. In 1981, Roger Fidler showed Apple engineers a prototype of a computer that he was designing. The computer was a flat screen that looks just like the current version of the iPad. Even if Apple didn't steal Roger Fidler's idea, Microsoft created their own version of the iPad, called MS Tablet PC, years before the iPad was created.

Apple: They Didn't Build That!


*by andreascy*