Do Politics Hurt the Move Toward Green Energy?

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Increasingly, city planners and civil engineers are looking at methods of using green energy. Because so many are concerned about global warming and other issues caused by pollution, green energy has become a major part of politics. However, some are questioning whether politics has lowered the level of discourse about green energy.

When issues become politicized, people often seem to lose the ability to think rationally. Party affiliation has proven to be strong, and people are rarely swayed by rational arguments and impartial analysis. As a result, people will often believe what their party says about green energy. Someone who believes that green energy is expensive is unlikely to change his or her mind. Likewise, someone who believes that natural gas is inherently dirty will not be persuaded by arguments about harm reduction and the importance of affordable energy. However, the politics of energy policy seems to be cooling. As green energy becomes more affordable, political parties will be more likely to reach compromises.

Green Energy and Politics in 2012

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