Business Essentials: Why Photoshop is a Necessary Software to Learn

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One of the most amazing Internet tools for business is the Photoshop software of Adobe. This software is often used in graphic creation and web design online. But many other professions, industries and businesses in many countries actually benefit from this wonderful tool. That’s why there are IT consultancy firms that exist mainly to train companies who want their employees to be more efficient in their job.

Business Essentials: Why Photoshop is a Necessary Software to Learn

One type of business that most obviously benefit from it is graphic designing. Companies that are into printing - items like T-shirts, magazines, newspapers, CDs, mugs and other personalized items - cannot avoid using Photoshop to give their clients the best service possible. A company that doesn’t use Photoshop these days is sure to be left behind in the competition.


Photoshop is customer-friendly, because a client can just send a photo and ask the company to “enhance” it to suit his needs. No matter how old a photo is, this software can always do something to enhance it. For graphic web designing, or for personalized page templates in social networking pages, it can do wonders. The possibilities are simply endless!

Not Just for the Printing Business

But the benefits of Photoshop are not just enjoyed by people in the printing and graphic design businesses. There are other types of businesses whose performance has greatly improved by it's use. Companies that are in the manufacturing business, like those that produce service repair manuals and machinery parts, also tremendously benefit by just loading graphics into Photoshop using a non-graphic format.

Here, Adobe’s Fireworks add-ons are a great help. Graphics can be brought to life and be animated by Photoshop. You just have to unload images from your CAD software, bring them into the Photoshop program and turn them in a real-time environment. This gives the images a three-dimensional view and feel to them. In the repair manuals and spare parts business, Photoshop allows the finished pages to be saved as an online file and then posted so that repair technicians can view them in the Internet wherever they are in the world.

Some of Adobe’s add-ons can even allow the client to come up with a moving real-time animation of a repair process - every step of the way. This brings a lot of benefits to businesses that operate service personnel overseas. If there are concerns, the personnel can just refer to the repair procedure being animated by the Photoshop tool. A lot of money, time, effort and other company resources are saved in the process.

The Benefits Enjoyed by the Photography Business

Perhaps there is no business that benefits from Photoshop more than the photography business. With the use of Adobe Photoshop, even an amateur photographer can come up with professional-looking photos. With use of a wide collection of tools, palettes and filters, any person with a camera can make money. Here are some of the things that a photographer can do using Photoshop:

Touch Ups

A photographer or graphic designer can touch up images that may otherwise be ruined by things like dust, background intruder, a stain or any other item. The “Clone” tool can be used to reproduce a matching area in the photo and place this over the area that you want to erase. This will create a seamless image. You can erase a person in the background, a bird in the sky, or you can add an item to produce a creative image. Anything is possible.

Color Change

Even newbie Photoshop users can create a color palette for their own purposes. Photoshop offers color-enhancing tools that can be used to change the color of the eyes of the photo’s subject, change the color of the T-shirt that the subject is wearing, etc. A Photoshop user can also add spot color to call attention to a specific detail in the photo.


Photoshop also gives its users layers to work in. You can use layers to stack designs, remove or hide them so that you can take a look at your work. Imagine flipping pages of a book, with each page containing images on top, which a user can delete or enhance whenever he wants to. That’s how layering in Photoshop work.

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As mentioned earlier, the possibilities of Photoshop are endless. And its potential to improve business performance is unimaginable too. What ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments. Everyone is invited to learn and share.

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