Best Fitness Apps For Android and IOS

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Best Fitness Apps For Android and IOS

With the growth of third party developer apps there are now some great ways to use your smartphone as a fitness tool, making reaching your fitness goals easier than ever before.

GPS Watches

Prior to the growth of smartphones, fitness enthusiasts relied on a series of gadgets called GPS watches to track information about their running, cycling or other endurance sport. These watches soon became the gadget of choice for many serious athletes and average joes as the feature list of these watches grew and grew. As they contained more and more features, their price tag soon shot up and as a result many of the new high end watches that are now available on the market are priced at over $400. This is before you buy all of your heart rate, bike sensors and accessories on top of the unit itself.

Endomondo App

This high pricing of gps watches left a sizeable gap in the market for low prices fitness apps for android and IOS. One such app that has been much acclaimed is the Endomondo fitness app. Created by a team of management consultants that decided to create something smartphones based to record their training, the Endomondo app has grown to be one of the most popular fitness apps in the market.

With the app you can record essential training metrics about your individual sessions including distance, time, pace, speed and calories. As well as stat tracking you can also race against yourself to try and improve your previous times.

Unlike other Apps, Endomondo also has a nifty feature that allows you to prolong the life of your phones battery to as much as 6 hours when training. Although this is at the expense of accuracy. 

Nike Plus Running App

Another popular app is the Nike+ running app. Built by the largest sporting goods company in the world, this app has a number of features that make it a great addition to any fitness enthusiasts smartphone 

AS well as being able to upload your training to facebook to receive real time support and encouragement from your Facebook friends, you can also upload your training data to the Nike website. Here you can track fitness goals, explore routes in your area and earn trophies depending on the goals that your break.

Apps VS GPS Watches

The apps mentioned above are just two out of a vast array of apps designed to help with your fitness and sporting goals. Although they are either free or very cheap they do have their downsides. Unlike GPS watches such as the Soleus GPS Fit, the battery life of these apps is only as good as your smartphone. This means that you will struggle to cover any kind of distance unless you fully charge your phone before training.

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