The 3 Smallest Colleges In The World

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The smallest colleges in the world are found mostly in the United States in older areas of the country and in states with smaller populations. Most UK universities are large, with some having populations of upwards of 70,000 students. 

The 3 Smallest Colleges In The World

Smaller colleges in the UK usually have around 2,000 students. Most universities there, however, have between 2,000 and 15,000. Colleges in the UK are really more like trade schools, teaching professions like hairdressing and mechanics. Universities are more like traditional colleges in the United States.

Have A Specialized Focus To Find Smaller Colleges In The UK :

There is one university in the UK with a relatively low population of about 150 students, and that is the Courtauld Institute of Art in London. It seems that if one hopes to find a small college in the UK, they will need to have a specific skill set in mind to find that smaller college atmosphere. Most universities have very large populations in all areas of the UK.

Likewise, colleges in Australia and New Zealand have tremendously large populations, with the smallest colleges having populations of about 7,000 students. One can find small classrooms in Australia, especially when you look at a college like Bond University, where the population is about 4,500 and classroom ratio size is around 11:1. Even though it is a larger college, the small classroom size is seen as a huge benefit.

United States Has The Smallest Colleges :

The three smallest colleges in the world are all found in various parts of the United States. The third smallest college is Thomas More College with a student population of about 84 students. Situated on a picturesque 14 acres in Merrimack, New Hampshire, students here experience a unique Roman Catholic education which includes one semester of studying abroad in Italy as part of its core curriculum. The place they study in Italy is fascinating and is only five miles away from the famous landmark, St. Peter's Basilica.

Students who attend Thomas More graduate having had a range of broad life experiences, including things like visiting areas famous for unique baroque and renaissance architecture. The experiences from living in Italy broaden minds and students are exposed to some of the most famous worldwide authors like Cicero and Homer. Students graduate after four years with an amazing amount of worldwide cultural educational experiences that are only available in a few places.

The second smallest college is called Shimer College. It is located near Chicago, Illinois and hopes to attract students interested in literary pursuits. Also known as the "Great Books College" of Chicago, students are immersed in three major topics of study, including social sciences, natural sciences and humanities. With a low population of only about 81, students receive highly personalized attention and focus. They graduate with a very well-rounded educational point of view of the world around them.

Smallest College In The World :

By far, the smallest college in the world is the Alaska Bible College. There are only 38 students attending this Christian school. With a focus primarily on developing young minds wishing to go into Christian ministry in one form or another, this college has been around for 40 years preparing young people for a life focused on ministry.

In your free time when you attend the Alaska Bible College you can have experiences like dog-sledding. With such unique experiences, this is a great place for any young person who wishes to make a difference by going into ministry. If a really small college is desired, this is a great choice.

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