Get Windows 8 RTM Startscreen SDK for XP, Vista and 7

Description : 

We have seen many transformations to the Windows Operating System, and each one has its own beauty and impresses with its own applications. 

Microsoft as we all know, has released Windows 8 RTM (Build 9200), with lots of new features, GUI changes and interesting enhancements including Boot & Login screen, Start menu, Ribbon in Explorer, Metro Theme & Apps etc. You can take a look at all these new features in this detailed review.

If you are still using Windows XP, Vista, 7 or even older Windows 8 versions, and you don't want to install this latest OS, but still want to enjoy some of the new features, here are the interesting news for you. 

Our friend PeterRollar, who is well known for his amazing and famous Windows transformations, released "Windows 8 RTM Startscreen SDK" that will definitely help you.

It's about time to bring this new Windows feeling to your old and perhaps boring OS and desktop. All this with the help of AveDesk 1.3, an application which makes desktop prettier and more usable. As you can see in the above screenshots, the change looks very close to Windows 8 RTM so Peter made a great work and really worth your attention.

"This is probably the most complete and most similar transformation from older Windows to Windows 8 you can find in the web."

Why SDK (Self Development Kit)?

"Because you can use it as it is, or modify it to your likings. Build your own personal startscreen if you want."

Windows 8 Versions already included in the pack :

- Developer preview

- Consumer preview

- Release preview


*Basic knowledge of manual customization needed. 

So what are you waiting for? Check it out and let us know what you think. Share this topic with your friends and help others to discover it and have some fun too. Subscribe also on our RSS feed and our Newsletters for more coming updates.

*by andreascy*