The SAS League - Part of the History of the Danish Super League

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The Danish Football Association is the one who administers Denmark’s football championship that is currently called the Super League. The Super League is quite popular mainly because the people of Denmark love football and show enormous interest in this championship. There are also other football leagues in Denmark, but the Super League is the biggest and most popular one. The number of participating teams is 12 each year and out of the twelve participating teams the last two lose their places in the championship.

The SAS League - Part of the History of the Danish Super League

The Super League has long history and has seen a lot of development over the past few years. The league was first formed back in 1991. Soon it became the highest football championship in Denmark. At first, the number of participating teams was just 10. The games started during the spring. Each pair of teams played two times. This resulted in two teams getting cut off. Then the games continued with eight teams and the result was another two teams being cut off. That was the pattern of the championship in the beginning. In 1995 the number of teams that participated in the tournament was increased to 12. Moreover, sports sponsorships became really common.

At first, the league changed its name to Cola League because it was sponsored by the Coca-Cola company. In 2001, the Scandinavian Airlines became the sponsor of the Danish football league and so it was called the SAS league (as the Danes say SAS Ligaen). The SAS league existed for nine years. It became the Super League once again in 2010. However, many people still call the Danish football league the SAS league because of the long period of sponsorship. It has been two years since the championship got its original name back, but this sponsorship has not been forgotten quite yet. 

The period during which the league went by the name SAS league as well as the past few years has been crucial for the recognition of this championship. The league got a lot more popular during these years and the audience increased. New stadiums were built in order to handle the fans that came to watch the matches. The rank of the league has improved quite a lot, too. 

There are many great football players that currently play for the teams participating in the major Danish championship. The former SAS league is way better than most of the Scandinavian leagues and this can be seen by a simple comparison of the players they attract. Eric Djemba who used to play for Manchester United now participates in this championship. There are many other great players, too. That attracts the attention of the audience and makes the games a lot more popular.


Even for a country which loves football, the games of the Danish Super League get quite big audiences. The Danish football league is recognized in Europe and is one of the major leagues on the continent because of the great developments over the past few years.

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