5 Hot Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

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If you own or operate a small business, the last thing you want to do is waste your precious time. You might always be looking for savvy tools that can make not just your business but also your life run more smoothly. 

Small Businesses Apps

All that you need is a simple mobile application that can help you plan, organize and communicate. Fortunately, there are mobile apps for Android and Apple devices designed to simply your daily business operations. Here are the five hot mobile apps that small businesses like you should have. 


This mobile app allows you to take your documents with you right on your tablet, phone or computer. It provides 2GB free storage and any document you saved into this app will be saved automatically on all of your devices. This makes it easier for you to share the documents with your colleagues. It is a great mobile app because everything is saved to the cloud instead of to your devices and this means that you documents can be accessed anywhere there is internet connection whether at home or in the office. Even if you lose your device, your document remains secure. 


Using this mobile app, you will be able to organize and share your personal and business travel. All you need to do is hit forward on your hotel, flight and car rental confirmation emails and this app will turn that information on one convenient itinerary. This is an app you will like as it lets you share your itinerary and this means that your colleagues will be in the loop. In addition, admins can create trip itineraries as well for other travelers. 


This application for your mobile device organizes your expenses into categories. You will be able to view your spending in a convenient place on your phone or computer. Mint helps in keeping your budget on track with mobile and email alerts and even reminders on bills


With this app, you will never have to forget something again on your to-do list. You can simply save all your to-do’s, ideas and notes across your mobile devices. Aside from that, you can also record voice reminders and upload photos. This app is well loved by many small business owners as it allows them to access their notes from anywhere using multiple devices. This will make it easier for them to add notes on your computer and access them from their mobile devices such as phones and tablets while on the road. 


This mobile application mainly works by tracking and reading receipt. Using this mobile app, you can now turn massive piles of receipts into digital files for easier expense reporting, bookkeeping, accounting and preparation of tax. This is a good app to use for small business owners as it can help you save a lot of time looking through all your paper receipts. It is useful during tax season as it stores your information and makes it readily available for you. 

These are a few of the many mobile apps available for small businesses. Managing your business and ensuring everything runs smoothly is possible using these apps. 

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