5 Top Tech Toys For Your Car

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Dogs and technical car gadgets are a man's best friend. There's something about a man and his ride. But, after he obtains this favorite wheels, he must have his technical toys to use along with it.

5 Top Tech Toys For Your Car

Actually the truth is that a lot of car tech toys are pretty practical and savvy for today's rising technology. Who says they are only for men? Women love these gadgets too. Let's examine the 5 top tech toys for your car. 

Stereo equipment 

Today just the men are switching to digital audio especially during the car ride. Because of the Bluetooth, more audio manufacturers are changing from the standard input receivers for USB inputs and iPod connections. Moreover, the needs for custom stereo equipment setups are sought after. 

In North America, auto manufacturers are forced to offer a higher quality stereo system with their car sells. They can range in price from $20K to over $200K allowing men or any consumer to make a satisfactory purchase under any budget level. From this wide range of price tags, auto stereo equipment brands can include names such as Pioneer, Alpine, Bose Media or 5.1 Cabin Surround Sound System, Harmon Kardan, THX or Rockford Fosgate Audio System. Any of these and others offer some of the top quality sounds for your car. 


There is no doubt about it that a nice rim will always make your car look good. Rims for your car are like a woman putting on a sexy new dress. It just makes all the difference because it's the first thing your eyes notice. If you ask any average male about the selection of rims for his ride, you will get many different answers from many different styles and vehicles. There are literally hundreds of custom rims to choose from at every price range. 


Security is another essential cost to protect the thousands of dollars you've put into your car especially once you've gotten it all together with the custom rims. Sure there is insurance to cover your lost, but once your car is gone it's gone along with all the money you've put into it. Not to mention all the frustration, waste of time and energy to replace it. 

Therefore, why not invest in a good security system for car. Since, car thefts are increasing depending on the city, vehicle or area of the country your car is parked in, will remain an issue of concern. Some top of the line auto security systems include OnStar, LoJack and even DNA recognition security systems are upcoming for the future. 

Plantronics K100 

The Plantronics K100 is a great tool because it works along with your iPod, Blackberry or cell phone. This cool device operates by broadcasting your calls, has GPS navigation for directing you to the boss's house from anywhere. It also plays your favorite playlists from your cell phone all while you're driving down the highway. The best part is that once you arrive at your destination, you can pocket this toy, take it with you and continue listening to your favorites songs without missing a tune. 

The Powercup 

The Powercup is too cool and very practical. Actually it looks like a white coffee cup with the Starbucks logo on it, but it is an inverter power outlet source. It provides you with two additional 120 volt outlets that are powered by your car's lighter outlet. Since we can never go wrong with another outlet to plug in our tech car toys like the Plantronics K100, cell phone charger, iPod and other upcoming gadgets, it just makes good sense. The Powercup is good for up to 400 watts of continuous power for continuous tech toy enjoyment. So you will have the look of two coffee cups in your cup holder while you drive into work without even giving anyone a second glance.

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