How To Use A Promo Code When Shopping Online

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Many people now use coupon code websites when shopping online, but how about those who don’t?

How To Use A Promo Code When Shopping Online

Here is a handy guide that tells you how they work, how you should use them, and how to see if they are working or not.

Different Types of Online Promo Codes

You will find two main kinds of online promo codes when shopping on the web. The first is known as the “promotion code” or “coupon code”, whilst the other is really just a "link only" promotion. Most online retailers will offer you either kind when running online promotions.

How to Redeem a Promotional Link 

A linked coupon doesn't have a real promotion code to activate the promotion, but rather a unique link. Whenever you follow the link towards the online shop, you're going to get the discount instantly once you land on the retailer’s website. 

How to Redeem a Promo Code Coupon 

With respect to the merchant, you will find a couple of different places to go when looking for new promo codes. In some instances, the coupon can be redeemed whilst in the shopping cart page. In other cases, the coupon is applied around the order review page just before checkout. Browse around carefully for that coupon "submit" area the very first time you buy from any website. 

What if You Can’t Find Where to Paste the Promo Code? 

Check if the website includes an FAQ page that provides you with more information. On many occasions you'll find it on the Customer Support pages too. If you can’t see it anywhere on their website, call and request that the merchant starts to use and publish online coupons. 

How to Know if a Promo Code is Working? 

Normally the merchant has a page showing just how much you're being billed for, just how much has been reduced since you pasted in your promo code, and then any shipping costs that might be applied.

How To Use A Promo Code When Shopping Online

This will display on the final purchase page before you decide to submit payment. Should you paste in the promotion code and don't see the discount being applied, then don't place your order or pay. 

How to Know if a Linked Promo is Working? 

On most occasions a linked promotion will link you straight into the website product page that's being marketed at a special cost - or even a new page that applies the discount for you. 

Why Might a Promo Code Not Work? 

Many online retailers will decide not to include a expiry date on codes in order to help them to monitor the promotion once it has been used. This means that the Internet retailers can change or discontinue any promotion at anytime. Should your coupon not work then it is advisable to search for a different one using some of the several coupon sites available. Calling the merchant to complain will usually not make any real difference. 

Is it Possible to Double-Up Promo Codes? 

Generally speaking, most online promo codes specify that just one promotion may be used per transaction or per item bought. Make sure you search comprehensively to find the best one to suit you and your shopping needs. 

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