Seven Best Buy Gadgets To Improve Your Life In 2013

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It's pretty standard right now - every year brings more new and interesting developments in consumer technology – many of which were displayed at the recent CES consumer electronics show. 

Seven Best Buy Gadgets To Improve Your Life In 2013

Some are much more interesting than the others and here’s a brief take a look at 2013's more interesting choices within the gadget world. 

MakerBot Replicator 2 (3D Printer) 

Brooklyn-based MakerBot Industries continues to be sell awesome desktop three dimensional inkjet printers (and have done since 2009) and the Replicator 2 is their latest offering. Just as your traditional printer allows you create things in 2 dimensions, a three dimensional printer allows you render objects from plastic into 3d. Rather than purchasing every small item that you'll need to create a product, you can now manufacture it yourself without leaving the comfort of your own home. The only real limit is very literally your imagination. 

Pebble Smart Watch Phone 

It’s taken some time, but finally it is here. The smart watch that acts as an interface together with your Apple iPhone or Android phone to create a heads-up display of sorts for your wrist. As you would expect, it display the time, tells you who's calling, who's texting, and even when you have received a new email. It will also have an application store, so 3rd party designers can go nuts stretching the functionality of this awesome device

Oculus Rift Headset 

This virtual reality headset is among the most promising devices within the gaming world at this time. The company that makes them raised nearly $2.5 million on the Kickstarter investment website to get the device to the gaming market. It is set to become a a thrilling accessory for PC gaming (with support for consoles in the future). 

Xbox 360 720 

Everybody already knows that Microsoft can come up with a remarkable console. With the proposed enhancements coming with the 720 there will be more aesthetically impressive game titles to help keep the Generation X of players hooked for years to come. 

4K Televisions 

Forget High Definition HDTV, 4K televisions will generate images at four times better resolution of current HD models. They are pricey and expensive, but having seen them at CES, we believe that these will soon be flying off the shelves. 

TrakDot – GPS Tracker 

This little device is supposed to fit onto your checked baggage at international airports to really make it much simpler and easier to locate it - assuming the airport staff managed to get yours on the plane in the first place! You could also use it for other purposes too - why not use it to monitor your vehicle whether you can’t remember where you packed or if it gets stolen? 


The gaming world was ignited with excitement when the Ouya was introduced - this is an Android-based gaming console made to be as hackable and easy to customize as you desire. Interesting stuff! And it's not only a completely new console, it also combines with your home media center too, offering its very own movies and online applications for music and video. The console has to date been met with favorable reviews which should make it a very popular gadget in the future. 

If you want to purchase any of the gifts mentioned in this article then they should be available from Best Buy late in 2013. Let your voice be heard down below in the comments.

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