A Production Tool That Makes Life Easier

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If you want to simplify the task of creating and distributing a call sheet, a call sheet app is exactly what you should be using. In fact, any film industry insider will surely find this tool a must-have since it has great resources that can be accessed through your smartphone or laptop. 

A Production Tool That Makes Life Easier

The app is available in two versions: Doddleme free app and DoddlePro This version may be free, but you can't turn your nose up at its features. Toolkit includes the following:


This guide lets you search through an extensive database of talents, crews, and vendors. If you're looking for a freelancer or any particular industry-related resource, you can browse through the comprehensive list and filter your search based on category, location, and names. What's more, you have the chance to showcase your services and get yourself listed too.


Think it's hard to stay updated with the news relevant to the film industry? Think again. With News, you can keep up with the latest happenings of the film industry.

Jobs and Classifieds

Jobs and Classifieds are upcoming features of the app. Jobs are where employers can post employment opportunities and where job-seekers turn to, so they know who's hiring, and seize opportunities within the entertainment industry. Classifieds, on the other hand, is where users can buy, sell, or trade equipment related to the industry.


If you think the free version of features are nifty, those are not even half of all the tools available when you upgrade to Pro. Aside from all the features of the free version, here are some of the coolest features of the Pro version of this call sheet app:

Weather and Emergency Info

Call sheets naturally include weather and emergency information about your location. Once you key in the location of the production, the app will automatically update your call sheet with relevant weather and emergency information.

Internal Notes

This tool allows you to send a note and stay in touch with a crew member or the entire staff.


Call sheets can be a bit dreary to read. Do something about it by adding some photos and a storyboard to your call sheet. Others will surely find the file more interesting too.

PDF Creation

You can go totally paperless in creating and sharing call sheets. But just to cover all bases, the tool creates a PDF copy of the call sheet. Crew members will automatically receive a digital and PDF copy of the file even if they don't have a Pro account.

Delivery Reports

Make sure all the crew members received a copy of the call sheet in their email by checking the delivery reports. The report will show who received the call sheet, who didn't, and why.

The app is available for Android and iPhone users; and the mobile version syncs with the online version, so you can work productively even if you're on the go. It's so useful in helping you organize your tasks seamlessly and getting them done in record time that you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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