Should You Use The GPS In Your Child's Phone?

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Mobile phone owners are becoming younger and younger. Everywhere you look, children in elementary school are walking around with mobile phones, and while some people think that it’s a bad idea, some parents feel that it provides a sense of safety.

Should You Use The GPS In Your Child's Phone?

Many parents are giving cell phones to their children so that they have a way to be contacted when they’re not with their parents. For example, a child involved in extracurricular activities can be reached when necessary or has the ability to call home if plans change. A child at a friend’s house can always be located by mom or dad with a simple phone call, and this capability has given plenty of parents’ peace of mind. 

Another reason that many parents are giving cell phones to their children is because they can be tracked via GPS. 

There are plenty of apps available today that can be downloaded onto phones that allow parents to GPS track their children, and this has comforted many parents. Life360 is a popular app that allows parents to follow their child’s action in minute-by-minute format. But the use of GPS tells children that their parents don’t trust them, so should you use GPS in your child’s phone? 

To answer simply, yes, you should use GPS in your child’s phone. Unfortunately, we live in a cruel world filled with pedophiles, perverts and criminals, and there are too many people out there who are willing to do harm to your child for no apparent reason. Having GPS in your child’s phone can assure you that yes they made it to school, yes they are at practice and yes they are at a certain friend’s house. If your child were ever to be late for curfew or if they were not answering their phone, you could use GPS to find out where they are. 

If you’re going to use GPS in your child’s phone, though, you need to do it appropriately. First, it’s important that you use the tracker to only check on your child every now and then. Following their movements every minute will only make you paranoid, and it will start to consume your life. GPS can allow you to double check your child arrived somewhere safely, or it can help you track them if you cannot get a hold of them, all of which can ease your fears. 

It’s also important that you talk with your child first about the use of the GPS device and let them know that it’s only being used as an added precaution. Let your child know that you trust them and that you know that they are responsible enough to let you know where they are, but you are using the GPS tracker in case of emergency situations. This will let your child know that you’re not using it to stalk them and that you’re not using it because you think they’re irresponsible., which will make your child feel better. 

No parent wants anything bad to happen to his or her child, and tracking a child’s phone with GPS can be a great way to provide you with peace of mind as long as you use it appropriately.


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