Entertainment Industry Job Resources

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The call sheet app is a must-have for entertainment industry professionals. Whether you're an actor, producer or behind the scenes professional, you have the information needed to find work in your field of expertise.

Entertainment Industry Job Resources

It is quickly becoming the top source for industry professionals to list their businesses, and find and fill positions.

Complete Project Resource

This call sheet tool (Doddleme free and DoddlePro) provides more than just the contact information of others in the business; it is a full-featured project organization tool that allows you to share your own call sheets across the network in just a few steps. This is the perfect way for you to easily advertise your industry openings, while at the same time attract the top talent in the fields you've chosen. Unlike traditional classified ads that reach a very limited audience, your openings are posted to all users in an easily searchable format. 

Comprehensive Information

Most call sheet apps provide information and listings for only a few markets. While this is not a problem for those living in California and New York, users in other areas of the country and around the world are usually out of luck. Fortunately, the call sheet app allows users to search and post listings in all 50 states and a number of countries globally, meaning you'll see listings from those near you.

The information included in the app directory is virtually unrivaled. While other directories list the contact information of a select number of specific industry workers, like agents and directors, this iPhone app provides a one-stop resource for anyone serious about filling any and all positions they have available. Whether you need someone in make-up, an audio professional or a grip, you'll find that information included in the directory.

Efficient Job Searching

In addition to helping industry professionals fill open positions within their projects, the app also expedites the job hunting process for those in entertainment. Instead of searching through hundreds of websites with a few openings in your field, you can view thousands of relevant postings and positions with the application's effective filters to help you view only the positions for which you are qualified. You'll greatly increase your productivity while spending less time rifling through mountains of information. If you desire, you can also find the contact information for agencies and others in your field, which can vastly increase your networking potential.

Loaded with Optional Features

Available in two formats, the iPhone and Android app comes in both free and subscription-based service plans. While both allow for the immediate listing of your company in their global directory, the pro version boasts several key upgrades, including enhanced interface features, "drag-n-drop" organization of your information and printable call sheets.

While many similar applications provide the relevant contact information of agents, producers and others in the entertainment industry, no other Android or iPhone app is able to help you improve the organization, productivity and time management of your projects, while at the same time letting you connect seamlessly with others.

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