Scientists Unveil Rex, the Million-Dollar Bionic Man

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A sign of how far the science of robotics has come is today's topic. The world is changing in a rapid way and most of the difficulties of the past are now engineering challenges. Leaders in the field discover impressive techniques that science fiction becomes part of everyday life. 

Swiss psychologist Bertolt Mayer was born without a left hand but now has a £30,000 bionic replacement - which could soon be obsolete. On the picture below he views "Rex", a two-meter tall artificial human, at the Science Museum in central London that was assembled for his documentary entitled "How to Build a Bionic Man".

Mayer was used as the model for the "bionic man," (including his face and his other favorite features), whom British roboticist designers claim is the world's first complete bionic man.

"I’ve looked for new bionic technologies, out of personal interest, for a very long time and...until five to six years ago nothing much was happening. Then suddenly we get this explosion of innovation," he told reporters.

Costing more than £500,000 to build, the human-like machine is featuring the latest in prosthetic technology like artificial organs (including a pancreas, kidney, spleen, trachea) as well as fully functioning limbs and synthetic blood (a blood circulatory system made of nano-particles that are able to bind oxygen and give them off, just like real blood can do). It even has sight.

Roboticist Richard Walker and Dr. Bertolt Meyer, with some of the bionic man's parts

Robotics expert Richard Walker, and Prof Alexander Seifalian of University College London, explained to the BBC's John Maguire how aspects of technology for helping physically handicapped people, were brought together for the project. Enjoy the video!

Learn more on Gizmag.

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