Office 15-Minute Webinar - Get to know the new Office

Description : 

The latest version of Office Office 365 Home Premium is here. Last week, Microsoft launched Microsoft Office in 162 markets and 21 languages. 

The first Office version that is fully available in the cloud, which enables you to basically work from everywhere, from any possible platform - smartphone to tablet, everything is possible. 

User-friendly interfaces allow online communication, making team work easier than ever - all including the usual safety, reliability and control options that Microsoft Office is known for.

Today we'll show you in this 15-minute webinar how you and your family can get the latest and most complete set of Office applications - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access - on up to five Windows tablets, PCs or Macs for $99.99 with a one year subscription. 

Check out the video and get the references and links for this webinar here.

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*by andreascy*