Phone Contract Coming To An End? Here Are Your Options!

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More and more people are purchasing a contract for their mobile phone, rather than using pay as you go. A few years ago, a standard contract might have cost $55 per month or more. 

Phone Contract Coming To An End? Here Are Your Options!

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Nowadays, as the competition amongst these suppliers has increased, more and more companies are offering much lower budget solutions. For now, it certainly makes sense to get a contract. That being said; it is worth exploring the different options when it comes to the end of a contract.

The 90 Day Period

You may have a 12, 18, 24 or 36 month contract. Regardless of the contract, most contract mobile phone suppliers will allow people to cancel their contract 90 days before the contract officially ends. Of course, they won’t necessarily tell their customers this, as they want them to stay and use their services for a much longer period of time. Of course, you will own the phone, which could be sold, or you could convert to a SIM only contract which will generally be a much cheaper option.


Most companies will offer what is known as an upgrade. Generally, this will mean that you continue paying the same monthly fee and also have the same service package. So if you currently have 1,000 free minutes and 500 texts, you will receive the same offer. An upgrade will give you an up to date hand set such as the iPhone 5c or similar. Of course, one thing to do before upgrading to a new handset is to check that this is the best package. If you are going over your minutes and texts allowance, then you should upgrade to a larger service package. On the flip side, if you are regularly not using your minutes, then you should consider downgrading the service package before actually upgrading.

Where To Find The Deals?

A lot of people head straight to the high street when they are looking for mobile phone contract deals. Here is the thing; the high street is not exactly known for offering consumers the very best deals. In fact, there are usually 1000s of deals out there that offer much better value for money than most high street suppliers, so make sure you search for them. Google is a great place to start and there are a great range of deals available. Some are available directly from online retail stores. On the other hand a lot of the phone contract deals that are available are from comparison shopping websites. They allow a consumer to directly compare the package, the phone and the features with another contract, to see which is offering the best overall value for money.

Pay As You Go

Of course, pay as you go is always an option. This is ideal for those people that use their phone very irregularly or just want a number for a short period of time and therefore, do not want to get locked into a long term contract. It is worth considering that call and text charges are incredibly high!

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