How Google Killed the Longtail of Search

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A Look at How Longtail Content Lost Its Edge 

SEOBook has a very nice set of infographics which they publish regularly. This one is all about how Google killed the long-tail with stuff like Google Instant, localization, updates like Mayday and Panda, verticals, scrapers and the ‘not provided’ keywords.

Over the years Google has moved to consolidate search volume against fewer keywords (which are easier to match ads against) and they have inserted their own vertical listings in their search results. The result is that the longtail has become far less profitable for many publishers.

How Google Killed the Longtail Infographic.

Source : SEOBook

What do you think? Is Google really killing the long-tail? Interestingly, this is an opposing view  to that covered in another infographic where it is claimed up to 70% of all searches are from such keywords. Are they right?

*by andreascy*