The *Official AndreasCY* Browser Toolbar Released

Description :

Today we announce the release of our "Browser Toolbar", powered by This Toolbar will keep you updated with Regular Updates and anything related to our web profiles and activities. Direct information and updates to your favorite Browser simply by clicking on your desired links!

Toolbar includes : 

1. A drop down menu with some of the most important Blog's sections and links.

2. Blog's RSS feed News. 

3. Daily Magazine RSS feed News. 

4. Drop down menu with our accounts so you can follow them and stay connected with us. 

5. Search box to search anything on The *Official AndreasCY* website. 

6. Alexa traffic rank stats for every site you visit. 

7. Options for the toolbar. 

8. It works like a charm! 

Compatible with : 

Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

How to Download :

Simply click the "Toolbar" button on the top menu (above the header). If u want to go directly to the download link just visit this link

That's it. Enjoy it and leave any comments with your impressions. Take care! 

Toolbar Preview : 

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*by andreascy*