Importance Of Energy Monitoring

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Every home, every business office and every factory depends on energy, so knowing how much it costs is extremely relevant to balance finances and to respect the environment too. In order to know how much energy is being spent and where it is being spent, you need an energy monitoring system.

How Does M&T Actually Work

Often referred to as energy monitoring and targeting (M&T), this is a technical service provided by external companies that analyse and compile information regarding all aspects of energy usage, mainly in a business, company or organisation. Once the request for an intervention has been sent, the energy monitoring specialists will consider the business production systems, the equipment and machinery being used, the behaviour of employees and co-workers and the place in which the building or office is located in order to fully comprehend factors like daylight availability, common climate in the area and humidity and heat characteristics.

This is the base line from which relevant information may be retrieved. Businesses and organisations may learn where and when they can apply energy savings, explain over the top wastes, detect consumption trends and finally develop a strategy to encourage energy savings and set targets. The analysis will also point out any possible malfunctions or maintenance errors that may have been harming the business’ energy consumption rates and immediately observe if any of those out of the chart abnormalities occur.

The way this specific reading is accomplished is by installing several meters that provide data on energy spending according to the desired time set and that can be as fast as 30 seconds. Data from meters allied to the information gathered from the analysed variables will be integrated into a chart or graph that defines a baseline and that sums up all of the necessary spending and wasting, and that also offers a comprehensive consumption scenario that indicates the actual energy performance of the business or organization. All meter readings and evaluation reports are delivered to management in order to set targets and define strategies to generate a more effective energy consumption plan. These actions are then subject to further evaluation and permanent monitoring to ensure their effectiveness. Once the complete energy plan generated by the monitoring is integrated into the regular procedures of companies and organisations, energy cost savings will be constant. There is also a significant diminishing in the carbon foot print and lower GHG emissions.

M&T And Public Feedback

For some businesses, this may represent a better public opinion feedback as well as financial incentives and grants for energy efficiency. In the industry, a complete understanding of energy costs may provide to a division the total energy bill between different segments of production or by product stages, and this will lead to a comprehensive understanding of production costs. From this point onwards, changes and adaptations are encouraged in order to set a better average and promote efficiency in all energy related consumptions. 

Industrial companies who require the use of various processes including the use of fume abatement, offer technology which can monitor energy usage, highlighting areas which can be improved.

By Sarah, writing on behalf of a leading engineering company specialising in numerous industry sectors including; automotive, food and oil as well as dust extraction system design and fume abatement systems

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