The Newest Eco-Friendly Apartment Building Trends

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The importance of conserving the Earth's limited resources finally seems like it's gotten through to mainstream culture in recent years. People are beginning to understand how crucial it is to find more efficient energy alternatives.

The Newest Eco-Friendly Apartment Building Trends

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As of late, the use of environmentally friendly construction materials is on the rise. Many of these "green-living" ideas are implemented in today's modern apartments. When looking for a new apartment, here are some of the most popular ones to look for:

Strategic Orientation of a Home to Maximize Sunlight

Building an apartment in a location that receives a lot of sunlight is an ingenious way to save money on heating and lighting. Many engineers and architects are figuring out ways to design buildings that can take advantage of sunlight as much as possible. The orientation of the building makes a huge impact on how natural light is able to come through the windows, so strategic positioning is definitely an eco-friendly way to light up and heat up a place.

Exclusive Use of LED Lights

LED lights are a great choice for any apartment, house, business, or any situation where lighting is needed. Why? LED lights are not only brighter than the typical incandescent light bulbs, they are far more energy efficient too. Most LED lights give off a pleasant, white glow and only use about 20% of the energy that standard bulbs use. Renters can easily cut their electric bills in half after replacing all incandescent bulbs with LEDs.

Roofs Made from Copper

Metal roofs, especially copper roofs, are becoming a stylish choice in the world of apartments. First, they are quite inexpensive to purchase and install, and they also require very little maintenance. Secondly, they look great when paired with the right architecture. Copper roofs have a very long life span, with up to a century of use. Finally, they can be recycled with ease. What's not to like?

Rainwater Collection Units

If people have survived on rainwater for countless years, why can't we make use of it today? Rainwater collection units are set up in strategic locations around the apartment to collect the runoff. This water can then be used for watering the lawn and garden and general cleaning use.

Counter Tops Made from Easily Accessible Wood Sources

Granite counter tops have been popular for many years, but it seems that cheap, wood counters are spreading like wildfire through many apartment complexes. What's the appeal of wooden counter tops? Aesthetically, they obviously look good. More importantly, wooden counter tops that come from rapid growing trees like bamboo do much less harm to our forests and environment. When slow-growing trees are used for wood, the environment takes a much bigger hit because animal homes are lost and oxygen production is halted for a much longer amount of time.

Water-Saving Toilets

Using the restroom is something that all civilized people must do, flushing the toilet is an unavoidable consequence. Compared to standard toilets, those designed to conserve water can cut water consumption by 20%. These efficient systems can significantly decrease your water bill and put more money in your pocket.

Electric Stove Tops

Induction stovetops are much more eco-friendly than gas versions because far less energy is lost when turned on. Heat transfer through physical contact is a better alternative to turning on a flame that burns your money away with every use.

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