5 Must Have Programs for any Company

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For every company, using the appropriate software will help them to run a more efficient business. There is a lot of research that goes into what is best suited for the individual needs of any particular company. 

5 Must Have Programs for any Company

With this, software and hardware are consistently being updated to keep current with the times. What worked for a company 2 years ago may end up keeping them one step behind their competitors now. If you are in the market to start a business, here are some must haves for every company, small or large:

1. Contract Management Software 

Contracts may very well be the most important documents that pass through the hands of employees. Or should I say through the systems of the company? Either way, there was a time that a huge file cabinet with endless amounts of folders was the way to keep important documents safe. These are the days where a physical lock and key were what kept your documents safe. Now, many would argue that method might have been easier, but downloading software from ContractLogix.com is a much better approach in keeping a business current with the times.

2. Email Blast software 

This is necessary for companies that want to constantly update their consumers via email. Have you ever received emails from a company in which you ordered a shirt from years ago? You haven’t purchased from that company since, yet once a month you get an email reminding you that they are still there. Well, you are receiving an email because they have software that allows them to email every person who has ever entered an address. All of this is done essentially with the click of a button at someone's desk. Someone in the marketing department types up an email and hits send, the email goes out to thousands, or millions of past customers.

3. Accounting Software 

Easily one of the most oft-overlooked areas of importance. Accounting software is one of the original places where we started to see advanced accounting measures packed into easy to use systems that didn't require any real accounting knowledge. Simply put, financials need to be well organized in order to maintain a business. Finding software that caters to multiple business entities is ideal for a larger company but smaller packages - such as Quickbooks - are often sufficient for the masses.

4. Skype

In more recent times, programs like Skype have made an impact on the business world. Using features similar to "Face Time" on iOS devices, users can chat face to face, transfer files, or share a computer screen with other users. This has created the ability to stay in constant communication from pretty much any location. Many employers require their staff to have this program, not only on their desktops but on their laptops or iPads as well. In fast-paced times, nobody has time to wait for others to return a phone call, email or arrive to a scheduled face-to-face meeting.

5. Program Converting Software 

PDF files, word documents and Excel spreadsheets have been helping business run smoothly for years. However, it isn't enough to have these programs. In order to lighten the work load, or at least cut out on unnecessary repetition, companies should have the ability to convert documents from one form to another with a simple click. I don't know how many times I have sent a document only to get a response saying they could not open the file. What a stress if you don't have the appropriate programs installed.

Technology is constantly advancing. Well run businesses rely on technology to stay in constant contact, and solve simple problems on a day-to-day basis. There are different types of downloads or purchase options available on most online software, so they're sure to have a solution that fits the needs of your business.

Know what it is your company needs and make sure you and your employees have the software to cater to those needs. It's how business in the 21st century is done.

*by andreascy*