HTC One Vs Samsung Galaxy S4: Which One Should You Buy?

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They’re the two new kids on the smartphone block. But when it comes to picking the difference between the latest offerings from smartphone experts HTC and Samsung, it can be tricky to decide which cool new device is the right one for you. 

HTC One Vs Samsung Galaxy S4: Which One Should You Buy?

The answer really depends on who you are and what you want from your phone. To help you make the decision between these phones that are fresh off the conveyor belt, here is a run down of each of their best features.

For a reputable brand with reliable support: The Samsung Galaxy S4

When we expect so many things from our phones, it is inevitable that not all of these things will work perfectly for the amount of time that we use our device. Smartphones are designed with a short life-span in mind, but sometimes this can be too short.

So, if you’re after a strong support service and a brand you can trust, it is probably best to stick with the Samsung, as it is a larger company with a better reputation for solid customer service. 

For a pretty phone: The HTC One

It sounds really vain to choose a phone on the basis of its looks, but if you (or your teenage daughter) prioritise aesthetics above all other features, than the HTC One is the smartphone for you. Its contoured aluminium edges and pleasing home screen design make for a welcome change from the functionalist, plastic style of the Samsung. The HTC One also comes with a strong metal case, which looks a lot nicer than the flimsy plastic one that comes standard with the Samsung.

For extra storage space: The Samsung Galaxy S4

If you’re the sort of person who needs an SD card full of all of your movies, photos, songs and games sitting in your smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 should be your pick. The Samsung has expandable storage, which means that you can keep more of your stuff on your phone, without needing to offload onto a home device (like a laptop or a hard drive.) The HTC One does not allow for expandable storage, so you’re stuck with the 32 or 64GB memory with no opportunity to use additional memory cards.

For a cost-effective solution: Possibly either, but your best bet will probably be the HTC One

If you want the cheapest contract you can get for a high quality smartphone, the HTC One should be the phone that you are enquiring after. Most major phone dealers are offering their cheapest plan for the HTC One at a lower rate than their cheapest plan for the Samsung S4, but it will depend on your provider. 

For great battery life: Either

Both the Samsung and the HTC report similar battery life - unfortunately, neither is that astounding when it comes to the juice in the phone. So, ultimately, it just comes down to which features are the most important to how you use your phone, rather than how long you use it for between charges.

Frances Ward is a tech nerd from Sydney. When she’s not trying to figure out who is the best provider for her managed cloud, she’s comparing smartphones on the internet.

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