How Engineering Helps Society

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Engineering is one of those areas that most people take for granted and don’t give much thought to. 

The valuable work that these engineers undertake is all around us, in all areas of our lives. Engineering makes our lives better, helps us to enjoy life, saves lives and keeps us safe from harm.

So just how does engineering help society?

Once a person has trained as an engineer, their skills can then be used in many different ways. For instance, medical innovations need engineers to develop the necessary equipment and components in order to save lives. However, the medical world is not the only way that engineers benefit our society.

Engineers work in so many areas, they help to build roads, construct bridges and bypasses, they develop ways of producing more environmentally friendly power or ways in which we can recycle more. Electrical engineers develop safety devices and engineers help develop our cars to protect us from crash and injuries.

Put quite simply, engineers are involved in every stage of a process from the design, through the manufacture, development and implementation. There are so many different fields in which an engineer might work, but here we will just explore the role of an Energy Engineer.

Energy Engineering

Energy engineering covers a broad spectrum of areas which deal with energy efficiency, services, facility management, alternative energy and environmental compliance. Due to the Government legislation and carbon reduction targets, energy minimisation is a growing industry. To reduce our energy consumption, consideration must be given to lighting, refrigeration and eco-friendly ways of generating power such as solar panels and wind turbines.

How Engineering Helps Society

Energy technology is a term used which refers to the skills, knowledge and equipment required for the production, distribution and use of energy. By the end of this decade, 15% of all energy consumed within the UK will have to come from renewable sources and for this reason there is a growing demand for Renewable Energy Engineers.

What does a Renewable Energy Engineer Do?

A renewable energy engineer is responsible for the design, development and implementation of renewable energy sources. These include wind, marine, biomass and solar technologies and an energy engineer’s job is to solve existing problems and develop creative solutions to capture, convert, store and manage renewable energy.

There are many areas to the job and becoming an energy engineer is a very rewarding career. A renewable energy engineer will be responsible for evaluating current sources of energy before designing and developing alternative solutions. The engineer may also wish to specialise in a certain area such as heating, lighting, air conditioning or energy procurement.

Renewable Energy Engineering as a Career

Due to Government targets, unique opportunities are being created in renewable energy. As an energy engineer you will be involved in the research, development and production of energy through renewable sources. You will be responsible for solving problems and developing ways to extract usable energy from sustainable sources such as bio fuels, hydro power, wind turbines and solar power.

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