The Right Choice Between Laptops and Desktop Computers

Description :

If you are wondering whats's the best Computer device today? My answer will be, "that depends". Before you'll decide what kind of computer you want, you first need to think if you want the portability of a Laptop or dexterity of a Stationary Computer. Whatever the decision is it depends on your needs and obviously on your budget. I have summarized some of the reasons you may want to invest in a Laptop versus a Desktop PC below.

In the modern era, technology is getting smaller. And smaller generally means better. On the past, a Desktop PC was for doing anything serious, while a Laptop (also referred to as Notebook) was a handy extra or an indulgence for businessmen who travel a lot.

But how things have changed. Desktop is faded away, most of the people are buying Laptops but every device has it's pros and cons and a different usability. Since the advent of Wi-Fi technology, people prefer Laptops. Before getting my first Laptop i asked myself. What bests suits to me? To be honest i had no previous experience and i wasn't so sure if finally a Laptop would do. I wanted to be confident though that i pick the best computer for my needs. But let me admit that I love my Laptop. :)

To decide between a Desktop or Laptop PC can be difficult. Especially if you don't know or understand their real differences. There are so many choices than ever before, and each comes with plenty of competitive features and on different prices. 

First of all ask yourself some questions. Which one would be better in terms of cost, usage and performance? Why do you need it? Surfing the internet? E-mails, networking, typing up documents and spreadsheets? What are you going to use it for? Are you always on the go? Are you a heavy user who wants the best setups? Are you a heavy gamer or a youtuber? How much can you spend?

A Laptop it's small. That makes it lightweight and easy to carry. It's powerful, tough, wireless and central. Some years ago, Laptops were weaker than Desktops and not able to perform as expected. They were missing lot of features that a Desktop had but with the benefit of being portable. For someone who travels a lot and works or plays on a computer outside the house, the campus or the city, these are strong arguments in favor of a Laptop. Nowadays both are nearly equals but with an important difference. Laptops are still dependent on their battery life. But there is again something about the Laptops that still makes you want to buy them.

Laptops are outselling Desktops due to their sleek design, portability and improved performance. Believe it or not, Laptops are the new Desktops. A Laptop allows you to sit on your sofa, surfing the web, keeping all your files, can also be used as a communication tool with family and friends, it doesn't have any wires or make you worry about space and this has become part and parcel of our modern life. There is no need to dedicate a portion of your home to a giant desktop PC on a desk.

But it is also true that the level of customization of Desktop's is high. A Desktop PC is one that will reside on a desk in your room. It will come with different parts, for example a tower, which contains the heart of the PC including some of the peripherals. It comes with a monitor, keyboard and mouse. All Desktop Computers have some expansion slots for PCI and memory cards, optical and even hard disks. They are easily upgradeable and parts can be easily replaced or upgraded.

Desktops perform better in general. Most times Laptops are running to catch up with Desktop technologies as they have to shrink everything down in size before being able to use them. Let's say hard drives. Laptop hard drives are much slower than Desktop hard drives. Laptops are also much more expensive than Desktops and have limited options for any upgrades in the future.

Lots of new innovations in Computer's technological field are also more readily available for Desktop PCs. For example, multi-core processors, were available for Desktop Computers way before they figured out how to make them small enough for Laptops. This means that if you're looking for a Computer system that's state-of-the-art, then Desktop Computers are in priority. It's also a fact that Laptops will never be as good as Desktops in terms of Computer power. As far as cost is concerned Laptops are not far away from desktops.

Conclusion :

Till date, Laptop is the only answer to Desktop which provides a fair mobility and flexibility. If you think you won't need that flexibility, you can prefer the Desktop, but don't count it out. Both of them are created with different needs so you never know when you'll have to compute on the go. You can completely replace your PC and buy a beautiful Laptop. Laptop has a variety of rich features which can beat a Desktop at any stage of time. You just have to figure out how you are going to use the Computer. Your situation may be different. Just take the best choice and make it work. 

*by andreascy*