Looking for Leaders: The Crisis in Social Work

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Hey there, tiger. Here's some content you should probably share. No, really -- not just because we are saying so, but because it's pretty top-quality stuff from some really incredible sources, not all of which are original. 

The economic slowdown changes in the political landscape, and competition from other professions are threatening the future of human services. Did you knew that Social Work is the World`s Second Oldest Profession? Ever thought becoming a Social Worker?! Maybe you should start doing it! Why? Although the pay is not terrific : 

  The demand for these services is increasing.

  There is ample job opportunity for people who feel a calling to help. 

  It’s cool to help others: Celebrities contribute to social programs! 

The Social Work degree center has prepared an excellent infographic, that provides very good information and interesting history facts about this profession as well of some of the today data. Check it out! 

Crisis in Social Work

We recommend its review to all Social Workers and Social Service Case Managers. 

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