Four Quick Ways to Freshen Up Your Small Business

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So your small business is making you some money, but it could probably be making more. 

Four Quick Ways to Freshen Up Your Small Business

Some simple but commonly overlooked steps could help bring in more customers and encourage shoppers to frequent your store.

Small Business Success

Statistics used to be daunting for those choosing to venture out and start their own businesses, but America seems to be showing a trend toward devotion to small businesses in more recent years. Current data indicate two out of three small businesses survive at least two years, while half find success for five years or longer. To help ensure your business is one of the survivors, read the following tips to freshen up and attract customers to your small business:

1. Neat and Clean

No one wants to rummage through a dark and dusty store. Make sure your store and storefront are well lit and clean. This means no dust, no cobwebs and no unsightly maintenance issues. If, after cleaning, the store still feels drab, try a fresh coat of paint. If lighting is an issue, go with a gloss or semi-gloss to help reflect light and brighten the space. Also, ensure your parking area is free from trash and well illuminated. If your parking lot stripes are dull or curbs are chipped, have your parking area resealed and repainted for a fresh and inviting look. Never allow potholes or other damage to accumulate, as even the most primed customer will not want to park their vehicle in a damaged parking lot.

2. Curb Appeal

It's important to catch the eye of passersby, and curb appeal plays a critical role in this. Make sure your signage is new and fresh looking, well lit at night and large enough to read from across the street. A bright red door is said to be a good omen and will help draw a potential customer's attention to your entrance. Consider potted plants and perhaps a small sitting area, such as a bench, to further beautify your space.

3. Sale, Sale, Sale!

Many shoppers are driven by impulse. The promise of a great bargain to be found within is often enough to pique curiosity and change a looker into a buyer. BOGO (buy-one-get-one) sales are proven in many markets, and free samples are a surefire way to garner interest. Whatever sale you advertise in your storefront, don't leave your sale sign up for too long. Buyers don't put much faith in ongoing sales. End a sale after a week or two, and wait a while before advertising another, so customers feel you are truly offering good deals and not just advertising to get them in the door. Clearance sales can also be profitable enticements, but again, don't overdo it, or you could damage your credibility.

4. Celebrate the Season

An ever-changing storefront will capture attention from shoppers who regularly pass your store. If your storefront never changes, they will never notice you. Take advantage of the various seasons, holidays and town events to liven up your storefront. Change your storefront displays to incorporate current events, and promote yourself as family oriented and supportive of your community.


These simple steps can produce big results and help you build a larger customer base, translating to more sales. Just be sure you greet each customer as they enter and provide assistance as necessary, and word of mouth will bring in new visitors every day.

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