What We Do On Smart Phones To Get Entertained?

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Infographics are awesome! They allow people who are bombarded with too much information on a daily basis, to learn something new or digest data in a quick and easy format. 

Lately we've been working super hard with Coupon Audit on creating an infographic on “Smartphones in our lives” and how we use them to get entertained. 

What We Do On Smart Phones To Get Entertained?

According to a latest survey the standout statistic was that 65% of iPhone owners now say they "can't live without their iPhone." Of course a smartphone is not necessary for existence but for a lot of people it's an important part of their working life and without it they would get less done.

40% said that they would give up coffee first, 18% said that they would stop bathing every day before giving up their iPhone and 15% would rather give up sex than having a weekend without their nice device.

Besides this stats, a Nielsen study examined some basic categories of mobile apps that were most used by people who had downloaded an app. Here are the results: 

-   Games: 64% 
-   Weather: 60%
-   Social Networking: 56%
-   Maps: 51% 
-   Music: 44% 
-   News: 39%  
-   Entertainment: 34% 
-   Finance: 32% 
-   Movies/Video: 26%
-   Shopping: 26%

Regarding games the average time a user spends (hours/month) playing games is:

-   iPhone: 14.7 
-   Android: 9.3 
-   Windows phone 7: 4.7
-   Blackberry: 4.5

Another interesting fact is that smartphone owners with a housewold income of $75,000 or more are 3-5 times more likely to own a Blackberry or iPhone. 

Do you want more? Check out some of the interesting facts below and let us know what you think. Go ahead and flood the comments section!

What We Do On Smart Phones To Get Entertained?

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