Truly Free PDF to PowerPoint Conversion Tool

Description :

Thanks to the rich selection of file format converters on the Internet, we can now open and use any type of file someone sends us; a video in mp4 can quickly be converted into avi format, a song in wma can be turned into an mp3 audio file, a resume in .doc can become a .pdf document, etc. 

When choosing your PDF converter, the only thing you have to do is go through its characteristics and decide what you are looking for in such nifty software. Do you need advanced conversion package and can you pay for it? Do you only need a quick and easy conversion, so that you can view a file you downloaded? Do you prefer online or desktop tools
For people who spend a lot of time presenting their work, ideas and business proposals, there is a conversion tool they should not miss out on. It’s the Free Online PDF to PPT Converter that converts PDF files into MS PowerPoint documents. 

Truly Free PDF to PowerPoint Conversion Tool

These are some of its popular features:

   Completely free of charge,

   Online tool (no software installation required),

   Very reliable and quick, 

   Delivers accurate conversions,

   Supports Asian languages.

There are many people who would benefit from this tool: from teachers who like to introduce technology into their classroom activities, to students who want to create new presentations from their old PDF materials, and most certainly to people working in an office and frequently creating presentations for their bosses and clients.

So how does the tool work? 

First you need to go to the PDF to PPT converter page and upload a PDF presentation that you want to edit in MS PowerPoint. 

Select file to convert

Type in your email address, 

Type your e-mail address

and then click on the “Start” button.

Convert file & Send e-mail

After initiating conversion, users receive email messages with direct links for downloading their editable PPT files. Instructions on the page are very straightforward and easy to follow, so there is no way to make a mistake.

The only thing to bear in mind is that the uploaded PDF for conversion has to be native PDF document, not bigger than 2 MB. 

For computer users who like smooth, online and free tools, the Free Online PDF to PowerPoint Converter cannot disappoint. 

*by andreascy*