How to Keep Employees From Texting Too Much

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Undeniably, one of the arising problems that most employers are dealing nowadays is about their employees getting distracted at work because these personnel are spending much time on their mobile phones. There are instances when employers catch the employees on hand texting most of the time during working hour and when asked or confronted about it, easily they would just say or may make some alibi that what they are doing has something to do with business or are business related like answering clients query or making some follow-ups.

How to Keep Employees From Texting Too Much

In the standpoint coming from human resources management, there are lots of employers who are being caught up this same situation. Worst is, most of them don’t know what is the proper way to deal it with their employees or doesn’t know how to possibly handle this kind of issue without turning out to be the cons. Grounding or terminating an employee due to mobile phone usage will certainly affect employee’s outlook to the company. Some employers think about this agreement to their employees to hand their cell phones during working hours and could use them during break time or at the end of their shifts. However, this bargain still cannot address the issue for some and is only applicable for just a few. In short, it is not most likely suitable for every kind of working environment.

The practice of cell phone usage that has not something to do with work and being highly done in the workplace may extremely result big loss in the productivity of the company. It is therefore a must to take some action on how to take measures in dealing the issue in a not too restricting manner, but definitely work to keep your employees from texting excessively or using phone too much at work.

As we all know, cell phones is widely use nowadays not just by many employees but by people of all ages including the younger generation. People are now very dependent on it as a tool for communication. Thus, banning the use of cell phone in the business premise or in your company could only persuade absolute panic and confusion among sections of your company. This is because working parents can only keep in touch on their child at school or the ones left at home by texting them and vice versa. Actually, using mobile phone in the work place especially for important matter as well as in case of emergency is not a problem, bad or prohibited as long as it is minimal and reasonable. What really causes and serves as the root of the problem is when employees starting to use the mobile phone issued by the company inappropriately and abusively during office hours.

How to Keep Employees From Texting Too Much

It has always been employer’s goal to maintain or increase productivity among employees and they don’t want to bear witness on how business working hours have been wasted through texting too much unproductively. And as the business keeps on expanding, it would be more difficult keeping an eye on all of the employees activities, including unofficial phone calls and sms. 

The best way to stop all the unnecessary activities that employees might get hooked onto, employers should start using spyware apps. Those cell phone tracking apps when installed in a mobile phone can keep track and full record of messaging and call activities of the employees. 

The cell phone tracking software could really help the employer to identify and know these employees who are working on their jobs the entire working hour and those who are just busy on sending text messages. The mobile spyware works remotely and gives you access to data through your account online. This feature helps employers to not only monitor if employees are working, but at the same time can also check their loyalty with the company.

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