Entrepreneurial Businesses You Never Thought to Start

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There are countless opportunities out there for the creative entrepreneur. In fact, according to Forbes, approximately 543,000 businesses are started every month

Entrepreneurial Businesses You Never Thought to Start

With so many small businesses opening all the time, it can be hard to think of an idea that hasn't been driven into the ground. Here are just a few interesting entrepreneurial businesses that you might not have thought of.

Food Truck

Food trucks are springing up all over the country, and for a good reason. A study by Intuit and Emergent Research states that the total revenue from food trucks is predicted to reach as high as $2.7 billion in 2017. Why are food trucks such a great opportunity? They are much less expensive to operate and own than a traditional restaurant and can go where the crowds are instead of being a slave to location. With the right skills and knowledge, as well as a small starting investment, an entrepreneurial restaurateur can make his way on four wheels.

Entrepreneurial Businesses You Never Thought to Start

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Gunsmithing is the noble art of designing, repairing, modifying and building guns and other firearms. Gunsmiths are skilled craftsmen who offer a service that cannot be done by untrained hands. They often do custom work for clients based on their specific needs. While gunsmithing does require special education, many school offer career diplomas in gunsmithing, and Penn Foster even offers a program that can be completed in just three months. Making money as a gunsmith requires drive, dedication and knowledge— and it doesn't hurt to have previous training in metal or plastic fabrication.

Electronics Recycling

While most homes have a recycling bin that can be used for papers, plastics and glass, they do not have curbside recycling for used electronics. Used batteries and electronics can be dangerous to the environment if they aren't disposed of correctly, and most people do not want to drive to the electronic recycling facilities. By offering your services as a private recycler, you can charge to pick up customers electronics and drive them to local recycling facilities. Chances are, you won't run out of business any time soon — Investopedia reports that we generate more than 2 million pounds of electronics waste every year in the form of discarded computers, cell phones and other devices.

Entrepreneurial Businesses You Never Thought to Start

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Translation Services

We are living in a global marketplace and one of the best ways to take advantage of the now-international business community is to offer your skills as a translator. Obviously, working as a translator requires that you speak at least two languages fluently and requires that you have a good grasp of cultural ideas so that idioms and turns of phrase aren't lost on you. Interpreting for two speakers in the same room requires a focus to attention and swift wits, but translating the written word for overseas businesses is also a viable form of translation services. If you've ever used an automated translator program to decode a webpage in another language, you can see how valuable the services of a real-life thinking, adaptive human translator are. 

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