Top 10 Best Cars of 2014 Under $60K

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Oh, cars. We can't live without them anymore in the modern age. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some have so many different luxuries and safety add-ons that can make your car suitable for your every need. 

Top 10 Best Cars of 2014 Under $60K

Whether you have a large family or are on your own, there will always be a car for you. Need a few suggestions of the best cars of 2014? Here they come (Hint: The prices are all from the sites of the car brands):

This hybrid comes in three versions. The comfortline (SE), the SEL and the highline (SEL Premium). Both are beautiful cars with a classy and beautiful interior that gives off a nice and professional feel. 

Top 10 Best Cars of 2014 Under $60K

You only use 42 mpg and because of both the high comfort and the space you have it’s a great car to go on long trips with

The SE costs $27,645, the SEL costs $30,245 and the SEL Premium costs $31,895.

The Mazda 3 is an amazing car that perfectly shows what Mazda is capable of without it’s former part owner Ford backing it up. 

Top 10 Best Cars of 2014 Under $60K

This elegant and innovative car is lighter than its former versions, which makes it faster. The cabin has an interface that will limit all your distractions with a simple but modern main screen. 

The best thing? It’s affordable at $16,945.

After it’s 2014 redesign this small SUV has climbed to the top of its class. It has both a lot of space and big windows and doors, while remaining user friendly with simple controls. 

Top 10 Best Cars of 2014 Under $60K

You have an absolutely wonderful driving position in this car and not that expensive for an SUV with a price at $22,195.

This beautiful car is one of the most complete family cars you could ever wish for. 

Top 10 Best Cars of 2014 Under $60K

With enough capacity to seat 8 people and a great fit for child seats, this is the minivan you need when you have a big family. The car itself is very accessible and has a nice and peaceful interior. 

The cost for the LX? $28,825.

Are you more of a muscle car type of guy? This Dodge charger is the best muscle car for those who value good performance in a car. 

Top 10 Best Cars of 2014 Under $60K

With it’s bulky yet beautiful design it’s still an eye catcher, though. It pulls up to 60 miles in 4.6 seconds, which is pretty good for the heavier muscle cars. 

You can make this car yours for $26,995.

Looking for a more compact yet stylish car? Then the Audi A3 might be something for you. This car has a somewhat professional look and even though it’s a compact car it still has quite a big amount of space. 

Top 10 Best Cars of 2014 Under $60K

With a simple, but gorgeous dashboard with the newest technology and a classy interior it’s definitively a good car for anyone. 

You can buy it for $29,900

This crossover is also an amazing family car. With a capacity of 7 passengers your whole family will be able to fit in this beautiful car. 

Top 10 Best Cars of 2014 Under $60K

Not only that, but the designers actually made sure that you will be able to reach your baby, by letting the second row slide forward 9 inches. Parking will be no worry thanks to the Around View Monitor. 

This car costs $22,790.

Classy and fast, that’s definitely a way to describe this gorgeous car. This sports car at it’s seventh edition has both a high performance and one of the best appearances. 

Top 10 Best Cars of 2014 Under $60K

With a sleek, chic and unique interior it’s a great car for fans of Chevrolet. 

The price of this beautiful car? $53,000, which makes it the most expensive car of the list. 

This is Ford’s smallest Sedan, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in a both balanced and quiet ride. This car is a good fit for those out there who are single, or who have a small family. 

Top 10 Best Cars of 2014 Under $60K

The interior is a little more classy than the price suggest, because at $14,100 it’s the least expensive of the list.

Single, or have no children? Want a absolutely stunning car with a rooftop that’s foldable? This Nissan is just what you are looking for. 

Top 10 Best Cars of 2014 Under $60K

This is the perfect car to use for romantic rides along the beach on a warm day. 

The price? Only $29,990!

Every year our editors create a list of vehicle models that are under $60K, then we choose ten standouts. Choosing a good car is easier than ever, but choosing the best car keeps getting trickier. Make an informed buying decision by investigating their rankings before heading to the dealership. If you need some extra help then there is no reason to stress. If you have any questions we can help you to shorten the process

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