A Simple and Free Tool to Overcome PDF to Excel Troubles

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Hey guys. We hope you're as excited for the summer as we are! Do you have free time for reading? If so, then what we have in store for you could be worthwhile.

In the world of most modern business professionals, a lot is depending on the everyday sharing of files among colleagues. And ever since the early 90s, the PDF (Portable Document File) is the absolute champion of file formats for this type of operation, and it still reigns supreme. The key to its decades-long success and the sole reason that differentiates it from all other file formats is that it is the only file type that can be viewed on every operating platform there is (Macintosh, Windows, Linux etc) exactly like it is and without any glitches, bugs, or other issues whatsoever.

A Simple and Free Tool to Overcome PDF to Excel Troubles

This is why so many programs like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, AutoCad, Publisher and plenty others have the option to save the projects in PDF form (if you’ve ever wondered why). But as you probably suspected, there is a significant downside when using PDFs.

The main (and probably the only problem) with this format is that it cannot be edited. Once you’ve created a PDF file out of a Excel spreadsheet for instance, it becomes a read-only file, and the person who received it can’t implement any kind of changes to it without the use of programs and tools designed specifically for the task of converting the PDF back to its native state, in this case an Excel spreadsheet. 

Most of the conversion software available on the market come at a high price, and for people who don’t need to edit at least several files a day, it is probably a waste of money. A lot of the free online tools on the other hand give mixed results, and it’s somewhat difficult to find the one that works good. Today we will introduce a tool that offers great results, and can be used for converting a PDF to Excel, a program that is used by a lot of different professionals (accountants, lawyers, bookkeepers) and also by educators, students and many more.

A Simple and Free Tool to Overcome PDF to Excel Troubles

We should now cover how the tool functions, and as you will see, everything is achieved in a few simple steps.

1. Select the File You Want to Convert

The first part is selecting the file you need to convert, and that can be done either from your hard-drive, or from one of the cloud services listed below (Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive). 

A Simple and Free Tool to Overcome PDF to Excel Troubles

It is important to mention that you can convert regular PDFs, and also scanned ones, using Optical Character Recognition technology.

2. Click the Download Button

After you have chosen the desired file, the download button will appear.

A Simple and Free Tool to Overcome PDF to Excel Troubles

 The fantastic thing about PDF to Excel is that absolutely no user information is needed (not even an email address), and that the file that was uploaded for the conversion is kept on the company’s server for just 6 hours, and will not be used under any circumstances.


This is pretty much what we have for you today, and if you ever have a spreadsheet locked in PDF form that need to edit quickly, try this tool and you won’t regret it!

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