There Is a Shirt Out There for Everyone

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Everyone comes in different sizes. It can be hard to find the right size shirts for you, especially if you differentiate of the “standard” male. Maybe you are a tall man with long arms that don’t fit into any regular fit dress shirts for men. Or maybe you rather go with classic fit shirts. Nothing wrong with a little class. 

There Is a Shirt Out There for Everyone

You will need a good shirt to look good for work or that dinner, so better get one now. Want to know more on what to look for?

Regular Fit Dress Shirts for Men

Regular fits dress shirts for men are a little wider around the waist and the sleeves. They leave plenty of room for you to move around in. They are and stay comfortable, even on those long work days. You have them in all sizes, colors and patterns. A few fine choices to wear are a light blue and white striped shirt for example. Wear a regular fit dress shirt when you are up for a work day at the office. 

Men’s Extra Long Sleeve Shirts

Are your arms too long for normal shirts? Time to get some men’s extra long sleeve shirts! You can find both slim fit and regular fit shirts with extra long sleeves. Regular fit shirts are by far the most comfortable, though! Just like normal regular fit dress shirts you have a very broad choice in sizes, colors and patterns for those shirts with extra long sleeves. Go for something a little bright and wear a shirt with pink, green and white in a checkered pattern. Cheerful and yet subtle. 

Classic Fit Shirt

Do you like it a little authenticity? Classic fit shirts have just the right amount of class and give off an authentic feel. Making it possible for you to look your best. They are comfortable and roomy and men have been wearing this kind of shirt for centuries and they have always looked good in them. Wear a classic fit shirts when going out to a romantic dinner with your wife, a meeting with your boss or when you are meeting new clients. A classic fit shirt is also perfect if you are giving a speech or an elevator pitch. Try wearing a nice classy white shirt with a black or dark blue tie.

The Best Colors and the Best Patterns

It’s not enough to just wear the right shirt. It has to have the right color and pattern for whatever you are about to do. You can’t go to a dinner with clients in a murky green blazer with a mustard yellow striped shirt. That is just not the right choice, especially not when you are trying to dress to impress. No, what you want is something quite the opposite. Just a regular day at the office? Wear a shirt with a light color. Think pastels or white. Shirts with just one color or a pattern of either checkers or stripes are the best. 

Meeting with the boss? Go classy with a white shirt and a black or dark colored tie. Don’t wear a grey shirt, as those are a little bleak, but you could definitely go for a grey blazer. When you have a meeting with your boss nine out of ten times you will want to impress him or her. Keep that in mind when picking what shirt to wear in the morning. 

Got a fancy gala to attend? Go for wealthy colors like purple and red, or for the classical colors like black, white and grey. Even better is to mix it up a little. A grey blazer can never go wrong and with a beautiful bright, but subtle purple or red shirt underneath it you will steal the show. For those of us who don’t like to stand in the spotlights it is an option to go for a black blazer, with a nice white and cream colored striped shirt and a black tie. 


Every shirt has a certain standard measurement. Get to know what your measurements are so you can find the right shirt of whatever type you like for you. It might be a good idea to get your shirts hand tailored for your measurements so you will be able to wear a shirt that fits you perfectly, no matter what shape or size you are. There is a perfect shirt out there for everyone. Now it’s time to find yours!

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