The Best Men’s Dress Shirts to Wear this Summer

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Don’t you love the summer? Lovely hot weather, a holiday in sight, being able to barbecue at night. Summers are amazing, even when you’re at the office. So dress for the occasion with a few of the amazing men’s dress shirts we have coming up for you.

The Best Men’s Dress Shirts to Wear this Summer

Don’t worry, you can roll up those sleeves when it gets too hot during those long summer days. Wear some regular men’s dress shirts, go amazing with Thomas Masons shirts or wear an exclusive handmade men’s slim fit dress shirt!

Men’s Dress Shirts 

Your office attire isn’t ready until you have a great men’s dress shirt to wear. The options are limitless. Go with or without a pattern, in all colors of the rainbow or just one. Dare to be different and go with a striped shirt with bright colors like pink, purple or green. Great for those summer days. Or go dark and keep it classic with colors like dark blue mixed with black stripes, a dark purple shirt under a nice quality blazer or a red shirt with a gorgeous black tie with gold stripes. Those are especially good options for a dinner with colleagues in the warm evenings. 

Thomas Mason Shirts 

Thomas Mason shirts are definitely a great choice for this summer. Want to know why? Thomas Mason is a great, over 275 years old company that offer amazing quality fabrics, with great original and sometimes even eccentric patterns and colors. Their fashion designers get inspiration for their shirts from anywhere and everywhere, like for example the English landscape, an album of the beatles and of course from the themes that the season bring with them. They are loyal to their British heritage and that is something you can definitely see when looking at the work they did when they made in collaboration with J. Crew. Thomas Mason shirts have an authentic, classical feel that not many brands out there have, plus they make sure to use a wide variety of colors and patterns. That is what makes this brand a must have and must wear around the office this summer. 

Want Something Exclusive this Summer? 

A few amazing handmade men's slim fit dress shirts shouldn’t be missing from your wardrobe. Handmade shirts give you an exclusive one of a kind edge. Get it hand tailored exactly to your measurements so it’s comfortable for those long summer days when you need to be anything but uncomfortable. Have a beautifully handmade slim fit shirt will also give you that extra boost of confidence you might need for that meeting with your boss, investors or clients. Or maybe to finally ask that girl out you have been wanting to ask out on a date for a long time. She won’t be able to resist you in a handmade men’s slim fit dress shirt! 

What Colors Should you Wear this Summer?

The colors you wear are very important. There is a lot of scientific research that shows that our brains associate colors and emotion. For example: White gives people a very neutral, sterile feeling, while blue gets people relaxed, focussed and awake. Why do you think Facebook and Twitter are blue? That is some fine psychology at play right there. You can use these proven scientific facts to influence your clients, colleagues and even your boss a little. Wear a shirt in a certain colour to make them associate you with a certain feeling. Of course, they won’t suddenly start to like you if you wear a certain colour, but it will get you in the right direction. And, you can use it to influence yourself, too! Got the feeling you are trapped in a cubicle too much? Wear a green shirt. Your brain has associated the colour green with the great outdoors, so by seeing the colour green you will immediately start to feel way less trapped. This may come in handy when it’s a hot summer day and you’re working inside an office. 

Match It Up 

Match your clothes up. Not just the colours and the patterns of your shirt, but also things like ties and blazers. This summer ties don’t just have to be made of silk. Try a denim tie for a change! Looks great, especially with a nice white or dark blue and white striped Thomas Mason shirt. Wear a nice and classy blazer every once in a while. 

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 This summer will bring a lot of opportunities and if you look right you will be ready to take them on!

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