You can't Attend a Business Meeting Without the Right Shirt

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Everyone has to attend a business meeting every once in a while. It’s important to make a good impression during every meeting, but you can’t do that without the right shirt. 

You can't Attend a Business Meeting Without the Right Shirt

Whether it’s a meeting with your boss, your colleagues or new clients, if you don’t wear the right clothes you are probably not making a very good impression. It’s time to change that!

What Shirt Should You Wear During What Meeting? 

Each type of meeting has their own “dress code” so to speak. The clothes you wear, and especially your shirt tells the people you have a meeting with a lot about your attitude towards your work. So, what shirt belongs to what meeting? 

1. A Meeting With the Boss 

It’s time to look as professional as possible. Think Van laack shirts in Van Laack tailor fit. These shirts have an amazing professional feel about them. The Van Laack shirts are completely tailored to fit you smoothly to give you the perfect professional look you need during a meeting with your boss. 

Examples of what to wear: A blue or white shirt with a matching tie. Also consider wearing a blazer in a matching colour. Match a light blue shirt, with a black or grey tie and a dark blue blazer. Or go classic with a white shirt, a black tie and a black blazer. 

2. A Meeting With Your Colleagues 

The number one reason to dress like a professional is so other people perceive you as a professional. Keep this in mind when you have a meeting with your colleagues, because their impression of you matters when it comes to your work relationship. Dress like a professional, but don’t overdo it. Don’t make it too flashy. 

Examples of what to wear: Go with the flow of your colleagues. Do they wear business casual then you should, too. Professional? Wear a tie. Unlike in meetings with your boss a little more colour is appreciated! 

3. A Meeting With Your Clients 

Dress for success and make sure you don’t differentiate too much of what your clients wear. Are they in suits, then you should be as well. Do they wear business casual shirts? You might want to do that, too. This helps to influence the way your clients feel when they have a meeting with you. 

Examples of what to wear: Go for cheerful colours if the dress code of your office allows this. Think something like a white and soft yellow striped shirt, or maybe one with blue plaid. Go casual with short sleeves or stay with long sleeves. Anything is possible. 

4. A Job Interview 

This is a business meeting, too, and as such you need to dress to the occasion. You want to have a good first impression and as you probably know people judge a book by its cover. You need to look professional, like you can handle anything the new job will throw in your way. Especially when you are applying for a job at a large firm. Maybe it’s time to get a handmade men's regular fit dress shirt that will look extremely well on you with a tie and a blazer.

Examples of what to wear: Just as the meeting with a boss you should think grey, white, black and (dark) blue colours as these give you a professional look. This depends on the tone of the company, of course, but especially large firms prefer that their employees dress according to the sometimes unwritten dress code so it’s good to immediately start off on the right foot. 

5. The “Casual” Companies 

As you’ve probably noticed the aforementioned meetings are all focused on companies that have a few strict rules on how their staff should dress. But, what about companies that focus on design and other creative artworks, or small businesses? What do you wear during a meeting of a company that isn’t as strict on dress codes? It’s time to go business casual! Of course this doesn’t go for all small businesses, but most startups and small businesses want to keep that comfortable, familiar feel. Suits just don’t cut it, although a nice dress shirt without a tie might. 

Examples of what to wear: Think about a plaid casual shirt, with for example jeans. Keep it neat and professional, but loosen it up a bit. Roll up those sleeves, keep the top button open. Keep it both casual and professional!


Getting ready for your next business meeting? Then you should look and feel good! Depending on the industry, consider those 5 real life examples that will get you through the meeting. Start dressing for success!

Do you have any tips? Your help and feedback is always appreciated!

*by andreascy*