Image to Word App: How to Convert and Edit Your Receipts

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How Fast Do you Lose Track of Your Cash?

Do you find it hard to keep track of your daily spending? Many people often have problems with handling their finances, day-to-day spending and taking care of their bills, so they turn to technology for help. Ask any millennial and they will tell you the importance of managing your cash in today’s world… There just isn’t any money we are ready to give up that easily!
Image to Word App: How to Convert and Edit Your Receipts

If you are an avid fan of money, you should consider using technology to help you save your money. There are many useful apps that can provide the same user experience as if you were reading out the receipt just handed to you. One such app is Image to Word, a mobile app converter that will help you track your spending. This app allows its users to take a photo of their receipt, or a screenshot of an image, and convert it to the easily editable MS Word file. The apps developer Cometdocs has recently released a bunch of new apps, among which this was one of them, if not even the most successful of all apps in this past release.

Money in the Bank, Tracking Ain’t Easy!

Well, not really in the bank since you are spending it, but at least this way you will know how to track it. Here are some of the standout features that make Image to Word one of the best converters on the market:

- Great conversion quality and absolute data recognition

- Screenshots and complex tables are convertible too

- No limitations when it comes to file sizes and numbers

- Won’t drain your battery

- Very intuitive and easy-to-use

The app offers two ways of converting files: by choosing a file from your library, or taking a photo with your camera and then selecting to convert it.

Image to Word App: How to Convert and Edit Your Receipts

If you click on Photos, you will see a list of folders which are located on your device, and from there you can select any image you want to convert. If you wish to convert a screenshot of you receipt, or a photo you previously made, this is the option you need to select. If you click on Camera, the app will open your rear camera, with which you can quickly snap a photo of your receipt or maybe a newspaper. 

Once you’ve selected your file, the conversion will begin. The file being converted will appear on the main screen. You can also see all active and finished conversions on your main screen below the part where you choose between Camera and Photos. Those files are saved on your phone for future use, unless you choose to delete them by hand.

Image to Word App: How to Convert and Edit Your Receipts

The converted file will be in .docx format, which is the primary format for editing text in many apps, mainly MS Word. By clicking on your converted file, you will see a preview of your new file and you can export it to the app where you wish to edit it by clicking on the Share button in the bottom left corner. The app will then open a list of suggested apps to use, as well as all previous editing apps you used.

Image to Word App: How to Convert and Edit Your Receipts

If you are having trouble using the app, click on Options and then click on Guide for better results for a few quick tips. This guide will take you through the app and show you the proper way to take a photo of your receipt, or how to make a screenshot suited for conversion.

Image to Word App: How to Convert and Edit Your Receipts

From there you can also rate the app, stop all conversions or contact customer support in case you have issues with using the app. Also, by clicking on Settings in that same menu, you can allow and deny Image to Word access to certain parts of your iPhone/iPad, such as the Photos and Camera, as well as managing the notifications you get from this app.

With this app you shouldn’t have anymore trouble tracking your receipts because now you can have them all stored in your phone. While this app is very popular among iOS users, Image to Word is also available on Android so feel free to try it out, and let us know how much it helped you in managing your finances.

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