5 Top Picks for Christmas Holiday Like a Fairytale

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As the festive period of the year sneaks up on us in a couple of weeks from now, it might be a good idea to plan ahead if you are looking to spend the holidays somewhere special. Not sure on where to go? Then here are some hidden gems to consider if you want to enjoy an experience that resembles the most to a Christmas fairytale like the one you have dreamed about. These are about as close as it gets to the real thing! 

5 Top Picks for Christmas Holiday Like a Fairytale

Whichever idea you may have set as the perfect Christmas fairytale, it probably entails white days, warm nights, campfires, theme markets, warm drinks and cozy nights in. It’s a part of what many of us see Christmas as the favorite holiday season– the white ground laden with a magical feeling floating in the air! There are definitely quite a few places that can fit this description, yet we’ve gathered 5 top choices promising to offer majestically Christmas vacation.

Bibuby, Cotswolds, UK

This wonderful rural part of the United Kingdom can feel like a true Christmas special. If you find that you want to enjoy the beauty of Christmas in a fine festive theme, this might be the place to go. With fabulous thatched roofs to the old-school yellow-stone walls, Bibuby is a location that manages to capture that iconic Christmas look in kind.

5 Top Picks for Christmas Holiday Like a Fairytale

If you were to receive a post card of this place, you would likely believe it was a fictional location made just for the setting of a Christmas movie, such is the quaint and wonderful nature of the town.

Dinant, Belgium

Dinant, one of the most picturesque towns in Belgium’s Wallonia region is a fine place to visit if you want to experience something that is bound to have that true festive feeling to it. This is a lovely hotspot for winter travel, based just on the beauty of the Meuse River. It looks magnificent during this cold weather, with the shine of the frost coming down and landing perfectly across the ground to make that true Winter Wonderland feeling.

5 Top Picks for Christmas Holiday Like a Fairytale

Add in the fact that old ivy-clad castles and forts still stand so proudly here, and you can easily see why people might feel more than comfortable coming here for a winter break. It carries a unique and charming design that is pretty hard to forget, as well as a city that has all the appeal of a true Christmas fairytale story. 

For a picturesque Christmas this year that looks the part, Dinant is the perfect choice.

Rakotz Bridge, Kromlau Town, Germany

Don’t let the name fool you. This stunning bridge called Rakotzbrücke (Devil’s Bridge) as the locals call it can be found in Kromlau, Germany and is one of the most fantastically designed and detailed locations for a festive feeling and shine. It’s got a classy look that can be hard to forget, as well as a fine combination between the beauty of nature and the hardship of man to make that beauty stand out even more than ever before. 

This is a location that manages to fit the two perfectly together. The awesome stone bridge manages to appear almost natural, with a rather uneven look making it appear as if it was all put together without human touch!

5 Top Picks for Christmas Holiday Like a Fairytale

For a Christmas wonderland design, this is the perfect place to pick and experience winter tranquility like never before. Constructed over 150 years ago, the bridge itself has a wonderful river below it that reflects wonderfully.

This creates the impression of a circular design – especially in the winter, when the snap of the ground illuminates back up and creates the perfect look down below. Hence, it goes to show that choosing Kromlau and Rakotz Bridge as your travel destination is definitely bound to be one of the most memorable sights at Christmas!

Giethoorn Village, Netherlands

This stunning like Dutch ton in the northeastern province of Overijssel, Netherlands is the perfect place to spend Christmas if you are looking for a place away from the bigger cities and be somewhere far more natural, less bothersome and nowhere near as busy. This stunning little town is known by many as the “Venice of the North” due to the fact that it’s loaded with canals like the famous Italian city.

When the frost of the winter helps to bring this all together and create something exemplary, it does create that truly wonderful Christmas fairytale look. If you arrive before the frost sets in then you can hire a little boat and go along the canals, taking in a winter sight that is truly hard to top.

5 Top Picks for Christmas Holiday Like a Fairytale

From the shining lights from the houses and the locals to the stunning reflection of the town on the water, this manages to sell the picture of winter like few other places in this wonderful nation.

If you are going to be in the Netherlands for Christmas, then you should definitely do yourself a favor and pop down to the Giethoorn area to take in one of the most relaxing festive periods around.

Shirakawa Village, Japan

As a location well-known for making the most stunning take on winter-style designs, Japan makes its mark on this list with the pristine and wonderful Shirakawa Village, located in Ōno District, Gifu Prefecture. Easily seen by many as one of the most natural and fitting winter images around, this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a good reason. The small traditional village is something that can appear like it came directly from the tomes of a Christmas book, with a welcoming and engaging layout mixed with the tranquil, calm nature of the wilderness.

5 Top Picks for Christmas Holiday Like a Fairytale

From stunning farmhouses which are centuries old to the snowcapped roofs that have stood for equally as long, this is a little location that really helps to show everyone what the true heart and beauty of Christmas is.

Final Words

Feel like you want to grab your passport and take the first flight to reach one of these destinations? We know the feeling! If you want Christmas this year to be a little bit more exciting than before, these magical places are worth considering. Obviously, these are just a few locations to check out, but each offers a distinctive and rather amazing Christmas fairytale type holiday for you and your loved ones.

From the comfort and calmness of a festive period to the beauty of lights and layout, the above list can satisfy any curiosity and preference, adding some stardust to your Christmas! Enjoy!

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