The Most In-Demand Online Marketing Skills for 2017

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As we approach the end of the year, it helps to take the time to evaluate where you stand in your industry. Whether you are a new online marketer or you are far more experienced, taking the time to comprehend and understand what online marketing skills are going to be most in-demand in 2017 is very useful. Knowing what people are likely to be looking for over the next 12-14 months helps you to start adjusting your skills and your mindset to make sure you arrive for the latest trends ready. 

The Most In-Demand Online Marketing Skills for 2017

Importantly, as a contemporary marketing assistant or agent it is incremental to know where you should be looking to expand to so that it helps you ensure that 2017 can start as positively as possible, here are some of the most likely in-demand online marketing skills for 2017.

Marketing Demands Are Smaller

One thing to notice is that people aren’t looking for campaign managers, nor are they as obsessed with SEO and SEM at the moment. That isn’t to say they are no longer important because they are still mainstays of the industry, but many companies have their fill or requirement. Even if they don’t, they can probably find someone easily enough locally now due to the massive rise in people offering these particular services.

If your primary skill base is in SEO then you might want to have a little look at branching out. Many other skills are going to become very useful in the near future, which can help you supplement an increasing demand in similar parts of the online marketing industry.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to close your SEO store – there’s no death of SEO on its way. Content will likely always be a constant requirement in marketing, but you should never just presume that the market will stay the same as it is just now. 

People Need Designers

Are you good at designing user interfaces for websites and apps? Then you are the hot property at this moment in time. People are killing to get their hands on a quality user interface designer, meaning that many people will be wanting to interact with your business in 2017. If you are a talented designer looking for a way to get into the world of working in online marketing, then 2017 is the best year to consider making a move into becoming a UI designer.

The role itself allows you to become a central part of many businesses marketing, as a good and effective UI is needed for anyone who wants to see consistent growth and usage from any tools they use.

If you want to make sure that you have reserved your spot in the long-term online marketing world, then it’s time to start considering just how creative you can be when it comes to making user interfaces for as many different things as you can in the industry.

Presentation Really Matters

Data is becoming a major part of business today, and many businesses want to make sure that they are giving people access to data that is easy to take in. Nobody wants to look at massive graphs or huge sums of content just thrown at them all at once.

So, what you should do instead is aim to become the best local online marketer that you can in data presentation. From infographic design to giving people cool and easy to share graphs and PDFs, you can easily make sure that you have a role as someone who can translate data into a classy design.

Mobile Apps Still Rule

Just as UI and data presentation have been around for a while, so will mobile app development. As the years go by, though, mobile development is going to change a lot and give us access to far more intricate designs and possibilities. As an online marketing expert you need to be pretty good at handling mobile app layouts and designs if you wish to make the most of your present situation.

People are going crazy for reliable designers or developers at present, so it’s up to you to get involved and take advantage.

Statistical Analysis is Needed

Just as companies need to present data in an easy to take in way, they need to see that data in the first place in a way that they understand. If you can manage stats and you don’t mind being able to draw accurate conclusions from the information, then you can use your skills as a data analyst to thrive in 2017.

People are going to be pushing that extra mile to make sure they can greatly improve overall statistical analysis. If you have a knack for reading and understanding key data, then you should be offering your services out.

Those who can interpret and offer recommendations from statistics and data are invaluable in the modern era. People are far more secure and comfortable in talking about stats today, and this extra analysis makes that simple.

Smart Storage Systems and Management Teams Are Vital

Businesses today are dying to get in people who they can trust to help them securely manage and store data for the long-term. If you are a storage systems expert or manager, and you want to maximize your chances of being a genuine success, then this is a role that is going to become increasingly in-demand as 2017 goes on.

People need to have access to storage to keep all of the vast information and data they need to run accurate analytics and business performance. Your role, then, is to be the individual who they turn to in 2017 for appropriate assistance.


Using all of this information you can easily begin to make the right calls regarding what your next step in online marketing will be. As the demand change and expertise required alters, a path will likely open up for you to exploit in the future – will you be ready to do so?

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