Thinking About Buying a Hoverboard? Read This First!

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The hoverboard has grown in popularity because it's easy and fun to use. You can ride one to get to where you're going faster than you could by walking, and since it's smaller than a bike, it's convenient for those who want to try to take it out on city streets. 

Thinking About Buying a Hoverboard? Read This First!

The board gets its name because the wheels on most of the boards are slightly under the edges, giving the appearance of the person floating above the ground. Most boards have two wheels, but there are also solo wheels. You can find hoverboards online and in many retail stores. When you start searching for boards, you'll find a number of designs depending on exactly what you want to stand on while you're moving from one place to another as some do offer more space for the feet. Most boards have a small motor that is connected to each wheel. This allows you to move each foot by itself instead of traveling with both feet in place, similar to a skateboard. 

CNN has named the IO Hawk hoverboard "one of the coolest pieces of technology." Other companies have jumped on board with the craze and developed their own styles. You've probably seen the boards on awards shows and demonstrated in retail stores. They are popular in other countries besides the United States. Several musicians and actors have been seen using hoverboards. They have been used in music videos and movies in the past several years. 

Choosing the Best Board

There are a few things that you can do to discover the best board for your body and skill level. Among the best on the market are the Segway miniPRO and the Jetson V6. Taller wheels on the Segway allow for traveling over a variety of terrains, where a standard hoverboard usually has wheels that are closer to the ground that keep you on sidewalks and streets. There are sensors on the board that will slow you down if you're going over terrain that is hilly or that could cause injuries. A steering bar that comes to the knees on the miniPRO allows for easy control of the board. One of the features of the Jetson is that it's stable and has a wide base. The board also has an app that goes along with it so that you can see various details of the product and your usage. 

Shane Chen is known for patenting the design of the hoverboard. The design of the boards is essentially the same no matter what brand you get. There are pressure pads on the boards that have two wheels, activating the motor that is associated with the coordinating wheel. There are also speed sensors that activate the board as well. When you look at each board that is on the market, the thing that will set them apart is how they feel while riding and the experience of the rider. Two boards that are the exact same might not deliver the same ride for two people because one is more experienced than the other. When looking for a board, you want to find one that has the best sensitivity for your feet. You should feel comfortable while riding the board instead of feeling as though you might fall off, which does take some practice. The research group at recently took on the challenge to find the best boards available. Their methods used to find the best boards can also be used if you are looking for something for yourself. 

Back in 2015 there were reports of hoverboards exploding or catching on fire. One of the first things that the group did was to eliminate the boards that gave any indication of exploding or that had the potential to explode, which is something that you want to look for when selecting your own product. The board that you choose should be certified and put through a detailed electrical test to determine if it could explode. Although there is nothing that will guarantee 100 percent safety, these tests should put you at a high safety percentage while riding. 

After choosing a few boards to try, you want to ride each one inside the home or inside a building, such as your office building at work. You want to use safety gear at all times if possible, especially when first starting out. Figure out the proper way to get onto the board and how to get off. You might need some kind of secure device beside you the first few times you get on and off, but once you're able to mount and dismount with ease, it's like riding a bike. Most people will be a little off-balance while they ride for the first few times. It takes practice to get to a point where you can ride a hoverboard like a professional. It's possible that there will be a crash or two, but it's important to learn from the mistakes that you make so that you know how to ride the next time. 

One of the things that you need to look for if you plan to ride your hoverboard for long periods of time is the battery life. Some boards just don't have a battery life that lasts longer than a few hours while others will last half a day or longer. The Segway miniPRO is a board that has the longest battery life out of several that the research group tried. 

When you look at the hoverboards in front of you, you might notice that they look almost exactly the same except for the brand name. There could be differences in the pattern on the outside of the board or the type of tread on the wheels as most boards have the wheels on the outside area of the board. Some boards have the same robotic voice that tells you what to do or that offers tips on how to use the device. They will likely have the same kind of app to use. Hoverboards are similar in appearance because most of the companies that make them are in China. When the boards are made, they are picked up by outside companies, and a new name is put on each one. 

Another aspect to consider when you're getting a hoverboard is the price. Most are in the $500 to $700 range for a sufficient board that will do everything that you want and has the appearance that you desire. However, Don’t buy cheap, uncertified boards. Though many online merchants list boards that look like our top picks at dirt-cheap prices, we advise caution. These boards are often uncertified knockoffs that haven’t undergone safety tests. While the exterior of the board may appear similar, the lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are sometimes replaced by cheap, dangerous counterfeits that may catch fire.

Once you have mastered using the hoverboard inside, it's time to see if you can ride it outdoors. Stay on a flat surface to start with so that you're not navigating hills and slippery areas. You should also try to find a place that doesn't have many people or cars until you feel better about being on the board. A park is a good place to go or an empty parking lot. After you have mastered flat surfaces outside, you can move on to the terrain that you might encounter during the day, such as sidewalks that have rough patches or even grassy surfaces to see how well the tires would do on a surface that isn't paved. 

When you're choosing the best hoverboard, you want to find one that handles a variety of road situations. You want to get a board that can stop quickly and easily. Some boards are better suited for riding indoors, so you need to look at the features and specifications of the boards that are available to see which ones are meant for riding outside. A true off-road board will usually have larger tires with thicker tread on them and feel a bit more comfortable while you're riding compared to a board that is only meant for riding inside. 

The best board that is recommended for general commuting is the Segway miniPRO. It can be used inside or outside and is a better option if you plan to use it on a daily basis. The tires are filled with enough air to absorb the shock that you put the board through while riding. There are wide foot pads that make the board comfortable to be on for a few hours at a time. This is a hoverboard that does well with going up hills and going over surfaces that are cracked or that are littered with small pieces of debris. It does have quite a bit of speed to it as well. The Segway has a few features that other boards don't offer. You can set the lock mode in place so that an alarm will sound if anyone other than the person who operates the app is on the board. You are required to use an app with this board, but it does mean an added bit of security. There are speakers built into the board. 

The Jetson V6 offers several details that make it among the best on the market. It's lightweight and offers a smooth experience for even the novice rider. Wide fenders on the sides of the board allow for easy maneuvering whether you're inside or outside. The larger fenders also provide a bit more stability and security while you're riding. Turning while on the board seems almost automatic and is smooth. It does do best on flat surfaces instead of surfaces that are rougher. The frame is made of plastic, which makes it easy to pick up and carry with you wherever you want to go during the day. 

If you plan on being outside on the grass, then you want a board that has larger wheels so that you have more support. Read all of the description and reviews online and any information that comes with the board so that you're operating the device properly and safely. Look at the weight limits of the board as some are designed for younger or lighter riders. However, most boards will support the weight of an average man. Children shouldn't ride hoverboards if they are under 12 years old, and if they are under this age, they need to be monitored at all times and wear the proper safety equipment while riding. 

Also, be aware of where you live because hoverboards are illegal in some areas. They have been banned at college campuses, malls, airports, and certain roads in several states and countries. Know local laws before riding in public.

Safety Tips

There are a few safety tips that you want to remember while you're riding. Any device that has wheels has the potential of causing an accident of some kind. Even if you use the board properly, there's always a risk. This is why you need to wear everything from a helmet to knee pads so that the body is protected. Watch your surroundings so that you can clearly see if there is anyone walking behind you or near you or if there are any cars in the area if you're on the street or in a park. You also want to wear a shoe that has grip. 

When you mount the board for the first time, check to see that it has a self-balancing setting. This will help to keep the board still while you're putting your feet on the pads. The panels on the sides of the board should be level, and you want the wheels to gently respond to any type of pressure that they are given. Use your dominant foot to get on the board before putting the other foot in place.


Hoverboards can be a lot of fun, but do your research before you purchase one and exercise appropriate safety precautions when riding one.

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