Sugru : Hack things better - Power to the (handy) people!

Description : 

This is the idea : I don't want to buy new stuff all the time. I want to hack the stuff i already have so it works better for me (Jane, product designer on RCA London). 

So she phoned some clever materials scientists called Ian and Steve and together they invented an interesting new material for hacking things better. It's called sugru and is a little bit brilliant. Sugru can help you dramatically prolong your life of your stuff. By applying, in some cases, even a teeny tiny bit to your things, you get to keep them for much longer and decrease your impact on our wee world. 

Repair with gusto! Clever Scientists have been working on sugru for over 5 years to give it as many great physical properties as possible, so it can be as versatile and useful as possible for you.

Sugru's properties :

1. Cures at room temparature : 

Sugru is like modeling clay when you take it from it's pack. Once it's exposed to air, it cures to a tough flexible silicone overnight using the moisture in the air. Working times = 30 mins, Cure time = 24 hrs (3 - 5mm deep).

2. Waterproof :

Sugru is silicone so it's completely waterproof and durable outdoors. It's easy to clean with soap and water and it's fine with sea water too.

3.Self adhesive :

It's designed to stick to as many others materials as possible. It forms a strong bond to aluminium, steel, ceramics, glass and other materials including plastics like perspex.

4. Flexible :

When it cures, it's flexible rather than rigid, which means that you can repair things that need to be able to move like textiles, cables or shoes.

5. Loves a bit of heat (or cold) : 

Sugru is resistant from -60 to +180 (Celsius degrees). It gets hot and cold but it won't get softer or harder or melt.

6. Dishwasher proof :

Once it's cured is pretty much like other silicones - durable in the harsh soapy conditions of your washing machine and dishwasher.

How to use :

1. For best results wash your hands first

2. Cut the minipack open

3. Roll the sugru in your fingers

4. Apply and form within 30 mins

5. Leave to cure for 24 hrs

It will cure 3mm deep in 24 hrs, and deeper pieces may take longer. Use at 21 C if possible. Cold conditions will slow down cure time.

How to get the most of it : 

Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free of dust and grease. Wash your hands thoroughly after using sugru, with warm soapy water and a rag. Sugru may leave a mark on surfaces or stain fabrics, it can be removed by cutting off when cured. Just in case store your sugru in a cool dry place below 21 C. Use it within 6 months of purchase, there's date on the back of each minipack

Careful now :

Dont use sugru to stick up heavy objects. It's not suitable for use on some plastics, for use in direct or prolonged contact with food. Keep it out of reach of children. Sugru is classified as not-hazardous under EU regulations, but recommendations say that customers with sensitive skin must wear gloves.

Check the videos below to see this product in action :

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*by andreascy*