New Mexico : Space Port Galactica

Description :
The new space port being built in New Mexico as the home base for the Virgin Galactic Space program is shaping up. Latest images show some truly inspired Design decisions from the Virgin Management team. 

I’m sure Sir Richard has been intimately involved in the design process. No doubt taking note of the latest construction endeavors from UK home show “Grand Design”. This mammoth UFO lookalike in the New Mexico desert is sure to inspire future generations of marsupials to reach for the stars in much the same way the Inca lines of Mexico have inspired us humans to venture into space.

Of course they don’t mention the plans but we can all see that Virgin is positioning the company to be the first port of call for all private space travel in the coming century. they only have to solve the political obstacles of advanced nuclear technology to provide the energy that will be required to shuttle space tourists into and out of space on a regular basis. Maybe they already are working on the problem at the highest levels. 

After all Sir Richard is definitely a member of the Elite society albeit slightly renegade and cool compared to the majority of them. Maybe they are all hoping he will rouse the masses and gain their approval for the inevitable time travel experiments galavanting around the galaxy at close to the speed of light that they are all no doubt hoping for an opportunity to take part in. After all who wouldn’t want to take a short 100 years trip around the galaxy and find themselves 200,000 years into the future of the earth? 
Apart from the small issue of growing enough food and recycling the waste for 100 odd years while travelling at light speed. They will need to solve those issues first. 

Then there are the potential issues of time and space distortion when matter is travelling at such high speeds. How do you plot a course when it is possible for space and time to distort while at high speed? These are things no one really knows until we try it out. 

*by andreascy*