Fuel Cell Battery and Charger Combo (Portable)

Description : 

While cars are making a shift to electricity in place of gasoline, engineers are actively looking for technologies that free consumers from the need to plug into electrical outlets when charging electronic and mobile devices.

This just in from myFC, a Swedish Fuel cell manufacturer is the new PowerTrekk fuel cell and battery combo, that provides enough power to charge a phone via usb. 

The energy is obtained from water via the fuel pack. By filling the PowerTrekk with water and connecting it to any USB mobile charger, whether a USB lamp, GPS or phone, charging begins automatically and shuts down once it has finished. The device has a lighted display on one side that indicates the level of power delivered. It also contains an internal battery

“This is a green product, because the only waste from it is water,” Westerholm points out. “When you are on the go you can always find water. It doesn’t matter if you have fresh water or salt, any type is good. It is green even in terms of construction, because we don’t need to use very much material to create sufficient power.” 

Specifications : 

Rated output : 5V, 1000 mA 

Rated input : 5V, 500 mA 

Internal buffer : Li-ion, 1600 mAh 

Fuel cell : PEM 4 cell unit 1000 mAh 

Charging input port : Micro USB 

Charging output port : USB-A

What i want to see are less expensive fuel cells. As we lower our energy consumption, the power companies just raise the rates, to protect their cash flows. Give us more "off the grid" options at reasonable cost. Actually the problem was never the availability of power. It's the abusive pricing structure imposed by the production/distribution syndicates. 

Let us know what you think.

*by andreascy*