The First Feature - Length Smartphone - Shot Film In Theaters

Description :

The film, called Olive, went up on Kickstarter and was shot entirely using a Nokia N8 phone and a specially crafted 35mm lense.

Director Hooman Khalili tells me that what differentiates Olive from other films that have tried the whole "movie shot on a smartphone" gimmick - like The Wrong Ferrari - is that he intends to show the film in theatres. Khalili even wants to submit it for Oscar consideration - which would be a first for a smartphone-shot film.

Olive's narrative centers around a mysterious little girl that doesn't speak, and three strangers whose lives she positively affects. Indie actress Gena Rowlands and (another former Facebooker) Randi Zuckerberg also star.

The film itself is actually finished, having been financed by Kelly and Pat Gillis. The 300K it raises on Kickstarter will go towards distribution, and Khalili 100% guarantees that the film will make at least some big screens after its premiere in December.

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A great example of a new way of producing films. It looks top quality. Let us know what you think. 

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