Wars for oil

Description :

We all know by now that the world is running out of fossil fuels. In particular the oil that provides energy for all our transportation, most of our food production and a lot of our electricity is being consumed quicker than we can replace it with any other source of energy. The Western powers have embarked on a campaign to effectively control the remaining reserves that are not already in the power of Russia, China, Brazil and Venezuela. The result is we have perpetual wars in the Middle East and now moving into Africa via Libya.

There is a significant problem with the use of war as a means of controlling the oil distribution and extraction process. The main problem being that wars create unbalanced societies. They also destroy infrastructure and tend to result in a lot of violence and human carnage. These issues are long term and are not easily or quickly solved. They also happen to be the last thing that a rampaging Army has on it’s mind once the action is over. They are not actually interested in creating balanced peaceful societies. That is like asking an addict to take care of your drug supply. It’s just not going to result in a positive outcome for anyone involved. 

One of the core ideas behind controlling the supply of oil is that the people in power i.e the Banksters printing the money to fund the war machine, can control the energy supply in the coming years as the competition for the remaining oil causes massive spikes in prices and only the uber wealthy, Governments and Mega Corporations are in a position financially to justify the expense of using up the remaining energy for their business and personal use. 

However this idea falters when war is used to secure the supply as they effectively decrease the supply of oil to the market by destroying infrastructure and creating unstable environments where no one with the expertise and experience to rebuild the infrastructure is prepared to put their lives on the line in order to fulfill the original plan of controlling the supply. So the end result is that the oil wars create a net loss in terms of available supply of oil to the Market and considering that we are running out at an exponential rate anyway this only serves to drive up prices faster and further unbalance the global economy

Hence the desire to remove from the consumption process a large number of oil consumers who would otherwise be competing for the remaining reserves. Otherwise known as the Bilderberg plan for reducing the population of the world to 500 million people. This is a negative, self destructive cycle that we are now being subjected to by the Banksters and their Corporate and Governmental cronies. The outcome of such a cycle is only a negative result. However it is often found that once an addict hits rock bottom and there is no where else to go they have to face the hard truths about their situation and make some changes for the better. Either that or they die and everyone that is affected by their actions can get on with their lives. 

In this regard we are at a crucial point in the history of modern civilisation. Do we sink or swim? Who gets to loose out or is it a case of everyone looses permanently?

*by andreascy*