Wireless Electric Cars

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Recharging On The Go. No More Plugs. 

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Soon parking and charging will be one. Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), a world leader in 3G and next-generation mobile technologies, has acquired the technology and other assets (patents) of HaloIPT (a British start-up firm specialized in Inductive Power Transfer).

“Qualcomm has been investing in wireless power for a number of years and the HaloIPT acquisition will further strengthen our technology and patent portfolio,” said Andrew Gilbert, executive vice president of European Innovation Development for Qualcomm. 

HaloIPT Wireless Electric Car

Both are now working hard to put in place the infrastructure in electric road vehicles

HaloIPT is the first company in the world that enables wireless charging via an electromagnetic field (no wires). The firm says roads where electric cars batteries are wirelessly charged as a driver moves around are "technologically possible".

Wireless. Worriless. Limitless.

The wirelessly transmitted power goes to the car’s battery for an ongoing charge, similar to the concept of recharging an electric toothbrush but with a lot more energy. 

Each car is outfitted with a pad underneath the car that is ready to receive power. It could enable all electric cars to run without ever needing to recharge manually. Just park over an inductive plate and you’re done. 

Charging Wirelessly an Electric Car

The cost of getting such charging lanes to most of the UK's population would be around £60bn.

The company outlines it's vision in this video. Arup, the engineering design giant, helped develop HaloIPT wireless charging technology for electric vehicles in conjunction with the University of Auckland's Uniservices group. Have a quick look on the video below:

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