Watch IntuiLab’s Massive Multi - Touch for Any Web Browser in Action, Using HTML5

Description :

IntuiLab has built design and execution extensions for on-the-Web multi-touch. The video embedded below showing off "Massive" Multi-Touch for any web browser using any touch device using HTML5

"An alternative to native, rich clients for hosting multi-touch applications is the Web browser. Until recently this has not been possible because the lingua franca of the Web - HTML - did not recognize manual gestures. This meant Web browsers on touchscreen devices reacted to manual interaction as if they were simple mouse events, limiting responses to page scrolling and link clicks," writes Intuilabs. 

Introducing the Web as a multi-touch application hosting option opens the door to instant availability and universal access, giving retailers, advertisers and the like a powerful new medium for communicating with their prospects and customers. Web designers and their clients will be able to create immersive Web experiences without requiring plug-in downloads or excessive cross-browser scripting to ensure compatibility. 

As illustrated in the video, the workflow for creation and deployment of a browser-based multi-touch application will be : 
  • Application creation in IntuiFace Presentation. 
  • The process will be identical to that used for creating multi-touch applications intended for rich client use. 
  • There will be no content limitations. Use any image, video, document, map, etc. and any of our design elements. 
  • Deployment to IntuiLab's in-the-cloud multi-touch application hosting solution, assigning a URL to each deployed application. 
  • Connect to the hosting website from any Web browser on any device and select the application of interest. 
  • Interact with the selected application in your browser as intended.
Interactive mobile phone experiences could be ported to the Web, establishing a consistent look-and-feel, and then expanded to take advantage of additional screen real estate. Ambitious retailers, hospitality vendors and the like could take things a step further and carry over the phone and Web experience to their stores, lobbies and gathering places through interactive tablets, kiosks, tables and touchscreen walls.

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*by andreascy*