High Performance Organic TFT - Driven Display Paves The Way For Foldable Displays

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A group at Osaka University, led by Professor Takeya, have successfully developed a high-speed organic TFT-driven display with world-class performance.
This achievement makes it possible to combine high-speed display performance with easy film fabrication, which has been an issue with organic TFT displays so far. It's hoped that this will lead to the early development of high-performance, flexible displays.

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"Our new development concerns the process of printing single crystals of organic semiconductors in a simple way. By making organic semiconductor films from well-formed crystals, we've improved performance by at least an order of magnitude."

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In previous organic semiconductor devices, circuits could be formed by simple methods such as printing, but high-speed components couldn't be achieved. Now, Professor Takeya's group has made it possible to fabricate one high-performance organic TFT every five minutes. This has been achieved by using a new organic semiconductor, called alkyl DNTT, with a molecular design that makes alignment easy.

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"In fact, at this exhibition, we're combining LCD devices to make a display using this organic semiconductor. As several pixels need to be driven together, it's necessary to form devices together in a line. As a result of working on that, we've actually been able to display pixels effectively."

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This display has 30 x 23 pixels, with a density of 17 ppi. From now on, the Group plans to combine the new process with an OLED panel, to drive a high-resolution display.

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"The advantage of organic semiconductors is, they can be formed at low temperatures, close to room temperature, by simple methods like coating. For example, this material could be formed on a flexible plastic substrate to make a bendable display, or a display that folds up very thin and doesn't cost much. So we'd like to do those things. 

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Another feature of this material is high performance. It has ten times the mobility of previous materials, so we think it could even be used to display images with lots of pixels, like this big poster."

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