NetLED : Led Lighting system with built-in WiFi module for adjustment via the Internet

Description :
NetLED, is the world's first LED lighting system that can be controlled via the internet.
By using a smartphone or PC, the lights can be switched on or off individually and the brightness can also be adjusted. The ability to remotely control power consumption is expected to make LED lighting even more energy efficient.

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"The standard LED lights contain a dimmer module and a WiFi module. The WiFi module takes the form of an ordinary USB dongle, so the system will always be able to use the latest wireless technology."

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"Right now, we're providing this kind of application, but in the future, we aim for integration with business applications. For example, in a restaurant, you could brighten up the lighting near seats that are occupied, and dim it near the empty seats, just by embedding our control program unit, which is called an API, into a restaurant POS system. In a factory with production lines, you could light up just the lines that are moving. So, we think this system could be used in lots of different ways."

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To utilize the NetLED system, the customer needs the NetLED lights, a gateway system for the WiFi communication, and a PC or smartphone. There's no ongoing server fee, and the basic features in the application are free as well.

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"The lights with a built-in module will be priced at 19,800 yen (US$260). There are also lights without a module, and they'll cost 14,000 yen (US$180). The lights without a module can be controlled by connecting them up to lights which contain a module."

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NetLED will also provide the modules and cloud system to other lighting equipment manufacturers on an OEM basis.

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"Currently, we only offer these LED Fluorescent Tubes. Of course, there are many kinds of lighting, such as down-lights, streetlights, and spotlights. NetLED can't provide all types. But for example, if a streetlight maker builds this system into its products, then that maker can offer a system for controlling its lights via the Internet, just by incorporating our system."

*by andreascy*